March 30, 2017

Jared Eberwein: Renaissance Man

In case it’s news to anyone, I am already a father to an amazing little boy named Brockton. I had my first son June 4th 2015, and I just now had my second son, born on March 5th 2017. The fact that it is my second child, I definitely feel in some cases a bit more relaxed. On the other hand, I feel like certain feelings overwhelmed me to the point I felt like I was having my first kid again, or something of that nature. I can’t explain why, but I think I got a bit scared this time around. Thinking I already have one son, HOW am I going to be able to do anything with two babies haha. I had a big build up to my second son being born, Man Rolland Eberwein. I felt like there was a lot of things to try and get done and off my plate before Mav arrived, because I was being dumb and thinking I wouldn’t have anytime to do/finish certain things I had started. I had quite the overhaul project going with my home, and something of that nature as well with a new to me Harley I purchased back in December. Having long sleepless night trying to get anything related to my projects done. While still riding as much as possible, but not treating it like I HAD to ride, I loved every second I got in on my bike amongst everything I had going on, even learning a couple new tricks as well. One of the highlights I had on my bike just before my son arrived was during a show, well in between shows. My friend Jack Fahey helped me learn BACKFLIP TO FAKIES!!! I took me five toys, and man was I excited when I landed on two wheels and realized all I had to do was pull the roll back. This clearly is the short gist of my crazy baby build up schedule, I’m finding my groove and getting what normal schedule I kind of had before back in style.

-Jared Eberwein




March 30, 2017


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