August 20, 2019

Jared Eberwein: Sweat Fest in So-Cal.

“Summer has arrived, and non the less so has the heat, so early morning or late night shreds are ideal. I went out to Andy Buckworth’s new home the other day, which was Barry Nobel’s old residence. Which came with an awesome backyard for BMX fun whenever you please. I got up early with my friend Ben Wallace and we headed out to Andy’s to start riding at 8am. In a matter of no time, sweat had begun, as expected. Andy’s main center of attention for riding in the yard is his resi-box jump. Which means we get to try certain tricks and push ourselves a little more than usual because of the comfort of jumping a resi. I chose to wear a 3/4 tee even though its really hot out, reason being is the resi is outdoors, BAKING in the sun.

That thing already gives you a rug burn type of cut as is, but a scorching hot resi REALLY messes you up. Even though its a resi and you should be able to huck stuff and fall, you kinda don’t want to during hot times of the day. Or take the safety precautions before hand, long sleeve shirts, and gloves. I never ride in gloves, but in this case I do, so I don’t lose a layer of skin off my palms. Other than those little small hurdles, it’s a perfect place to ride and push yourself. I happen to push myself on some 360 downside tailwhips, these aren’t to comfortable to me, yet. I’ll be hoping to change that soon, and I was just riding and having a good time in general with great friends, sweating our brains out.”

-Jared Eberwein

August 20, 2019


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