November 9, 2017

Maiden America: Raw cuts with FBM and QBMX

From Upstate NY, to the big cities (NYC/Philly), down to Richmond, Profile and FBM embark on Maiden America Tour IV, featuring clips (in order) of Cody Digs, Vic Bettencourt, Dillon Leeper, Dre Tylee, Shane Leeper, Dave Zovko, Eric Holladay, Declan Murray, Neil Hise, Steve Crandall, Joe Embry, Jay Schlie, Matt Coplon, and Kaleb Bolton.

“Thanks to Mike Erb, John Lee, Marc Meeuwissen (and his family), The Whole Mullaly Crew, Andrew York and Meseroll Bike Shop, and the Brooklyn Pump Track for their hospitality. A huge thanks to Jay Schlie and QBMX for all they do for bmx. We hope to see you on the road in the summer of 2018.” – MIA

Filmed by Matt Coplon, Dave Zovko, and Dillon Leeper.
Edited by Matt Coplon.

DIG photo feature article here:

November 9, 2017


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