October 10, 2019

Mark Mulville: Down but not out.

September started out awesome for me….and then I fractured my wrist.
I met some buds out at the jumps to dial them in and ride for a bit, but the ride for a bit part didn’t work out so well. After spending a while working on the jumps, it was time to ride, so I took my first run on the mid line and hit a soft spot which forced me to bail out & tuck and roll. I ended up landing on my already bad wrist and knee right away, which messed it up. I went back up and took one more run for redemption before the pain really kicked in and after that, I couldn’t clinch my bars anymore.
I went to urgent care the following day where they told me I had a small fracture and severe sprain in my wrist. Sucks but it’s part of the game we play!
I spent the rest of the month’s free time doing my usual wildlife adventures and snapping photos of animals! I came across several bald eagles, tons of gators (obviously) and a bunch more cool birds and critters.
Hoping to be back in the horse soon and cruising!
Mark Mulville

October 10, 2019


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