April 26, 2017

Mulville: April Showers Bring…


The month of April is a little more than half way over, and so much has already happen.
Firstly, I would like to say it’s sad to see the FLbmx series come to an end for the year. I wish I didn’t miss a couple stops, but I was definitely psyched to hit up the final stop, which took place in Oviedo, Florida. It was one hell of an event, and definitely has everyone ready for next years series! I gotta thank everyone involved in making the FLbmx series happen, especially Dave Brumlow!


Speaking of thanking people for hard work.. I wanna give a huge thanks to Shawn from GFT for all his hard work in the woods and another thanks for the turndown photo there. That man deserves a metal for all his dedication to the grapefruit trails.



This first half of April has also included some of my favorite things!
Rocket launches, surfing, exploring, and wildlife adventures!
I had the privilege of watching and Atlas V. Rocket, launch to the international space station, to replenish the astronauts of goods needed to survive in space!
Florida never seizes to amaze me, especially here on the Space Coast.
There’s plenty of wildlife, bmx, surf, rocket launches, and much more.
I owe a big thanks to both, Florida, and Profile for making my life that much better.

-Mark M.


April 26, 2017


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