July 10, 2018

Mulville in Paradise.

I’m not sure how, but it seems like every month just gets better and better than the last one!
June was epic to say the least!
Besides some afternoon rain storms here in Florida, the weather beachside has been amazing. High 80’s and beautiful. I’ve had the opportunity to ride the parks and the woods a good bit, in between work, travels and adventures!
Travel-wise, I took a quick 4 day trip to Costa Rica to get some solid surf, since summers in Florida are usually petty small. The trip was amazing and it was hard to leave.
IMG-5780 IMG-5328
The following weekend I flew up to Providence, RI for the Profile x Circuit Bmx pizza jam, which was also amazing! The crew was rad, the jumps were so fun and we just beat the heat wave that seems to be lingering over Prov currently!
Besides my usual gator and wildlife photography adventures, I was also invited back with NASA to go behind the scenes for a day at he Kennedy Space Center as well as go on premises the following morning and shoot another up close rocket launch!
DSC-0413 DSC-0932
Maybe it’s just that Florida rules!!!
-1 hand table, gator and rocket photos by me.
-Superman by Matt Coplon.
-Bigger wave by Josh Miller.
-Smaller wave carve by Zack Best

July 10, 2018


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