January 28, 2020

One Love Jam in the Eyes of Chad Degroot

One Love jam 10 year was the one. Being on my high from my personal 10 year with my shop and my Deco, was easy to keep it rolling. Had to. Got a ticket 4 months before the jam and no reason not to go. Boarded the plane for a coast to coast direct flight thinking I really shouldn’t be doing this.
Disconnect to my daily routine was such a heavy and needed feeling. Moving my shop, changing Deco, my kids school, trying to ride, working on my health, and building my future with my lady. Kevin Porter put me up the first night and we caught up and I met his wedding party. Excited for you bubs and thanks for finally giving me coffee. Told him that night I really need this. Ride a bit, see friends, and just get out and relax.
As you know, Cali traffic and driving is pretty insane so I was about 3 hours late to the One Love Jam in Newport Beach. When I parked and saw 250+ riders in the best setting and best weather it took me a few minutes to absorb it. I hung back and just tried to pick my jaw up.
Darrin has been doing this for 10 years and true to the name there is “ONE LOVE” with people flying in and stopping by from all over the world. Vert riders, street riders, wheelie kids, industry folk, friends of friends, people in wheel chairs, and riders with hearts. Lot. All in a lot. A paved lot. Lot of people. Lot of love. Thank you to everyone and sorry to all who I didn’t have a chance to have a conversation with. You will see me a LOT more at these. Plan it for next year.
Then a lot more. Supercross in Anaheim. Left the jam to go see this race and chill with some friends like Clay, Mulligan, Napolitan, Brumlow, and meet some super cool people like Joe who does monster jam and the Ohio crew.. Solid day and solid night.
Shouts to BMX. To all the riders and followers. And as I’ve said before it blows me away where my bike has brought me and continues to bring me love. Relax. Disconnect. Actually connect. BMX.
-Chad D @chaddegroot

January 28, 2020


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