September 22, 2023

Points of Engagement — Profile’s 55th anniversary — A crew mixer (Sections 1 +2)

Points of Engagement. Profile’s 55th anniversary: A crew mixer.

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For Profile’s 55th Anniversary, we wanted to do a mixer with our crew. Back in November of 2022, we asked everyone to send in a couple clips that they were stoked on. The parameters; filmed on anything as long as it was landscape and 1080P. Expecting a ten minute mixer, it proved to be an hour and ten minutes of footage narrowed down to this final, half hour piece titled “Points of Engagement”: An homage to our decades of hub production, as well as the connection we have with each of our riders. (Thanks to Cory Foust for the name). We wanted to thank everyone who was able to contribute, and thank them for their continued support of what we do here in this machine shop in St. Pete, Florida. We’re so thankful and honored to have them on board. A huge thank you to our distros worldwide who help us support our extended family; Profile Europe (UK), Country Bikes (Germany), Timeless (Canada), Republica (Colombia), Elite (Australia), SNAP (UK), ABP (France)… And thank you for watching…We hope this brings as much stoke to you as it did for us when putting it together. Enjoy. This project is dedicated to Craig Stevens. We love and miss you, Craig…may your infectious energy live on forever.

-Matt Coplon / Profile Racing


Section One: Alexis Desolneux – Filmed by Matt Coplon. Kent Pearson – Filmed by Mason Pearson, Nick Thurmond, and Jeremy Nowell. Nate Halahan – Filmed by Lukas Halahan. Andrew Lazaruk – Filmed by Alex Fenning. Lucas Porzio – Filmed by Alex Tate, 8 Mile and M.C. Rob DiQuattro – Filmed by Maura. Georgo Manos – Tripod. Chris Childs – Filmed by Shaun Gingras, edited by Chris Childs.

Music: Abilene; “Fellini.”

Section Two: Johnny DelBalso – Filmed by Cody Duff, Mike Arra, and Paul Rad. Lukas Halahan – Filmed by Nate Halahan. Dan Conway – Filmed by The Stinkpit Crew. Dre Tylee – Tripod. Terry Adams – Filmed by Mickey Gaidos. Mykel Larrin – Tripod, edited my Mykel Larrin. RattyMaty – Tripod. Sebastian Grubinger – Filmed by Irina Sadovnik.

Music: Abilene “Twisting the Trinity.”


September 22, 2023


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