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Choices for following:
-Hub Color
-Spoke holes/Drive side
-Axle Bolts:  Choose any Chromo bolt option at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
-Cassette Driver

-Madera designed the V2 Cassette Hub to be the best all around hubs available. All axles, bolts, & bearings are the same parts used in Profile Racing’s Mini Hubs. Madera V2 Cassette hubs are suitable for trails, racing, street, and park use.

  • High/Low Flange hubshell
  • Aluminum or Chromoly hollow 3/8″axle for dramatic weight savings
  • Bolt choices for 3/8″ threaded  axle:
    -Standard 3/8 socket head bolts(8mm hex)- come with anodized Volcano cones
    -17mm Hex Head outer w/8mm internal hex
    -Button Head w/8mm internal hex
  • CrMo or Ti 14mm axle options(14mm Alum nuts included) .
  • CrMo or Ti one-piece drivers.
  • Chromoly or Titanium splined drivers for Profile Cogs.
  • Standard CrMo Cogs, or upgrade to Aluminum or Elite CrMo Cogs.
  • RHD or LHD
  • 36h only
  • Standard BMX 110mm hub width
  • 3/8  aluminum axle NOT intended for use with pegs. NOT intended for heavy street riding.

Colors: Black, Polished, Nickle, Snow, Rust(Burnt Orange), Matte Red, Celestial, Party Paint, Swirlstran

Madera V2 Cassette Hub Weight:
Hub w/ 14mm CrMo GDH Axle & 9t CrMo Driver: 467g/16.34 oz
Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo axle bolts with 9t CrMo Driver: 372g/13.1 oz

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 7 in


Black, Polished, Snow, Rust(Burnt Orange), Matte Red, Party Paint +$17, Swirlstran +$17

Spoke Holes/Drive Side

36h RHD, 36h LHD

Cassette Axle

3/8" Threaded Alum (Choose Bolts), 3/8" Threaded Chromoly (Choose Bolts), 14mm GDH Chromoly (NO BOLTS INCLUDED), 14mm GDH Titanium (NO BOLTS INCLUDED) +$88

Axle Bolts

*NO BOLTS* (Select if 14mm axle chosen), 3/8 Chromo Madera "Beach" Bolt, 3/8 Chromo 17mm Hex Bolt, 3/8 Chromo Bolt With Volcano Cone, 3/8 Chromo Button Head Bolt, 3/8 Titanium Bolt With Volcano Cone +$35, 3/8 Titanium Button Head Bolt +$35, 3/8 to 14mm Chromo 17mm Hex Bolt, 3/8 to 14mm Chromo 17mm Hex Peg Bolt, 3/8 to 14mm Chromo Button Head Bolt, 3/8 to 14mm Chromo Button Head Peg Bolt, 3/8 to 14mm Titanium Button Head Bolt +$35


9t Chromoly, 9t Titanium +$41, 10t Chromoly, 10t Titanium +$41, 11t Chromoly, 11t Titanium +$41, Splined Chromoly (Choose Cog), Splined Titanium (Choose Cog) +$41

Cog Options

*NO COG* (Select if 9t, 10t, or 11t driver chosen), Aluminum 13t +$6, Aluminum 14t +$6, Aluminum 15t +$6, Aluminum 16t +$6, Aluminum 17t +$6, Aluminum 18t +$6, Chromo 12t, Chromo 13t, Chromo 14t, Chromo 15t, Chromo 16t, Chromo 17t, Chromo 18t, Elite 16t +$9, Elite 17t +$9, Elite 18t +$9