Race Crank Arm Size/Style/Color


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in
Arm Size/Style/Color

160mm LH Chrome +$13, 160mm RHD Chrome +$13, 170mm LH Black, 170mm RHD Black, 175mm LH Black, 175mm RHD Black, 180mm LH Black, 180mm LH Chrome +$13, 180mm RH(No Boss) Black, 180mm RH(No Boss) Chrome +$13, 180mm RHD Black, 182mm LH Black, 182mm LH Chrome +$13, 182mm RH(No Boss) Black, 182mm RH(No Boss) Chrome +$13, 182mm RHD Black, 182mm RHD Chrome +$13, 185mm LH Black, 185mm LH Chrome +$13, 185mm RH(No Boss) Black, 185mm RH(No Boss) Chrome +$13, 185mm RHD Black, 185mm RHD Chrome +$13


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