March 22, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 11, 1979.

So, here we are in 1979.

Profile has moved to St. Petersburg, FL.

Jim (Alley) has re-established his machine shop and race car business and the Alley’s two children have discovered BMX racing.

In short, Jim goes to the track and watches his children practice. And, seeing the kids on the gate, he observes extreme flex on the one-piece forged cranks and feels a stiffer crank would be better. That observation is the beginning of Profile Racing as a BMX entity, and the inception of the famous Profile Racing 3-piece race cranks.


Corey’s Original production Profile Cranks. The very First production piece ever made with the original MKS pedals.

Jim builds a stronger crank that won’t flex and the photo you’re looking at is the production prototype crank arm.


Notice the step on the spindle boss: There used to be a snap ring that held on the spider.

This particular chromoly  “box” crank used the 48-splined axle (See our 2nd history news post from 1969) and was ridden and raced by Jim’s son, Corey.


The small, original batch of Profile Box Cranks were etched by hand with an “A” prefix.

If you enjoy these look-backs at Profile’s history, don’t miss the first installment of “From The Dungeon” premiering April 2nd on Profile Racing’s YouTube Channel.

March 22, 2018


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