April 4, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 13, 1981.

By 1981, in addition to copious amounts of crank production, Profile Racing was deep into frame manufacturing.

At this point, chrome was the only color option. Our chromer was located in Hialeah, Florida, four hours south of St. Pete. They would actually send a pick up/delivery truck once a week to our factory.

Our inventory extended into four different style frames. 

We covered the prototyping of the “Champ Pro” last week. By 1981, not only was it in full swing, but it was used as a dimensional basis for the other three frames in production.

Here’s its OG flyer sheet highlighting the specs:

Champ Pro 20

After several requests by parents, The Mini Magnutanium frame was for riders between the ages of 4 and 8. It was marketed (and rightly, so) as the “Lightest Frame” in bmx. Its design included much smaller, lighter .035 and .028 tubing. The Mini Mag Frame also offered a proprietary Aluminum OR Titanium tapered square bottom bracket. This BB later evolved into a “tapered, keyway” design.

Magnatanium Mini

In late 81’/early 82′, upon several requests, the Champ Pro was extended into a 24″ Cruiser.

Champ Pro 26

And, saving the best for last, the Mini Champ Pro was created for Juniors. This frame evolved into the “Shelby James Replica” (The Mini Champ Pro with different stickers) which soon became THE BEST selling frame, of all time, in Profile’s inventory.

Mini Champ Pro

Profile Racing then had to advertise their frames and here’s the link between auto racing and BMX racing. Check out the ad copy. April 1981 edition of Bicycle Motocross Action – Profile Racing’s first magazine ad for BMX.

Bicycle Motocross Action April 1981


Text of the ad:

“The Cat’s Out Of The Bag!”
Jim Alley, owner of Profile Racing, Inc. and Profile Tool & Gear Industries of St. Petersburg, Florida is proud to announce the availability of his professional quality line of BMX racing frames, fors, and accessories.
Profile Tool & Gear Industries is respected as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of professional race cars and racing power steering systems for sprint cars, championship cars, Indy cars, and modifieds.
Our new division for BMX products will be dedicated to the manufacturing of only quality products that a professional would accept, but at a price competitive with today’s market.
Our racing frames are made of 100% aircraft quality certified chrome-moly and heliarc welded, designed to the ridged specifications that have made us #1.
Finally, a word for thought. All our products are as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolets! Believe it!!
Dealer inquiries invited – Private label manufacturing.

Stay tuned for more thorough coverage of Profile Racing’s frame history in an upcoming issue of “From the Dungeon.”

April 4, 2018


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