April 11, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 14, 1982. Part #1.

1982 was a pivotal year for Profile Racing. So much so, we’re splitting it into two parts.

Here’s two product features covered in a 1982 issue of Bmx Action Magazine. Our classic box cranks with spider, and our American Bottom Bracket to accompany it.

Aug 82 BMX Action - Product Analysis Profile Cranks 1

Aug 82 BMX Action - Product Analysis Profile Cranks 2

1982 was also the year that initiated Profile into manufacturing for other brands.

In early 82′, a married couple flew down from Maryland to have a meeting with Jim Alley regarding production. At the end of that meeting, Profile made an agreement to produce frames for the iconic brand, Hutch.

Using the template for Profile’s Champ Pro frame, Jim removed its iconic cross bar (underneath the top tube), and replaced the seat stay bridge with a drilled out version for Hutch.

Corey Alley (Jim’s son), at 14, did this by hand. With a drill press, he stacked 3 or 4 of these bridges on top of one another and hand drilled each hole using a template.

On looking back at the process he says “The process was incredibly slow and we broke a ton of drill bits getting it done.”




The full story of the Profile / Hutch manufacturing relationship will be covered in more detail in episode #4 of “From the Dungeon.”

Stay tuned next week as we talk Profile Racing’s initiation into hub production in 1982, part #2.

April 11, 2018


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