April 20, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 15, 1982. Part #2.

With Shimano, ACS, Suzue, Suntour and Bullseye creating hubs for the market, 1982 saw Profile Racing jump in the game with the iconic Gyrolite Hubs.

The prototypes were done on a manual lathe. And although the job could be done, it was very time consuming and not at all cost effective. The Gyrolites ended up being the catalyst for Profile investing in their first automated CNC Lathe: A Mori-Seiki with a 4 by 3 foot computer cabinet that ran paper tape for programming (picture the old paper tape with punch holes in early computer systems).


Gyrolites in aluminum.

The first Profile Racing Hubs on the market were the standard Aluminum Gyrolites pictured above.


Gyrolites in Magnesium.

6 months later, Jim Alley sourced magnesium out of Philadelphia and began the race for the lightest hubs on the market.


Mini Gyrolites in Aluminum.

In this era, Profile was concentrating heavy on the Junior race demographic. With that in mind, the Mini Gyrolites were produced soon after.


Mini Gyrolites in Magnesium.

And a magnesium version followed suit. Above is one of few sets left conjured from The Dungeon.


The standard Gyrolite hubs came with a steel 3/8 axle, however, pictured here is a titanium version. Profile Racing was one of few companies to offer a titanium (and later, hollow titanium) 3/8 axle option.

Oct 82 BMX Action- Gyrolite hubs

Bmx Action, October 1982. Product spread featuring the Profile Gyrolite hubs.


Original product spec sheet for the Gyrolite Hubs.

The Worlds Lightest Bike

1982 issue of Super Bmx featuring Heather O’Rourke (from the movie, Poltergeist) on a complete Profile Mini set up.

April 20, 2018


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