May 2, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 17, 1983 Part #2.

As we were closing up 1983 and moving onto 1984, Jim found three studio shots of the more obscure items Profile Racing made in this period.

The Profile Racing seat posts are some of the most hard to find components that came out of our machine shop. There were two versions: straight and/or laid-back and they were only available in chrome. At one point, there was an interesting hunt for these posts where collectors analyzed the degree of the bend (of the laid-back posts) and where exactly the chrome ended, to confirm their authenticity.

Seat Posts

The second design of the Profile Horseshoe pedals had a post-post production design where we manually cut the end cap off of the pedal. This not only made the pedal lighter, it added to its durability. This studio shot was of the Magnesium version of that pedal.


The Mini-Mag stems were a very high cost, VERY low run stem that never went into production for retail. They had an aluminum shaft/bolt/pig’s ear (wedge), a magnesium body, and titanium bolts. This stem was machined back on the OG, Hurco (Profile’s first Automated CNC machine).

Production Profile Stems

One of those stems was put on this promo rig for Heather O’Rourke (From the Movie, Poltergeist) featured here in a Super Bmx article.

The Worlds Lightest Bike


May 2, 2018


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