May 9, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 18, 1984.

1984 was Profile Racing’s official move into Bmx Freestyle. With the help of Donny Cook, a freestyle local, Profile began making modifications to existing parts to be more conducive to both ramp and flat riding. Donny also became Profile’s first freestyle team member.


Donny Cook became Profile’s first freestyle team rider: Top Right.

The initial advertisement for the first run of ProStyler frame/fork/bar combo shows the Profile Race Bar with an additional cross bar. That cross bar was added for both rigidity and for an aesthetic touch.

ProStyler First Advert

Original ProStyler Combo with OG ProStyler bars.

The ProStyler forks were actually classic Profile Racing race forks modified with welded on fork “stander” mounts.

And the ProStyler frame (a frame design that remained static through the course of 1984-1987) used Profile Racing’s race frame loop tail rear end and race frame drop out. The downtube had a longer design with additional gusset tubes. It also featured an extra loop around the seat tube for frame standing tricks.

A couple hundred ProStyler frames went into production and there were Five total colors available: Chrome, Lime Green, Blue, White, and Pink.

ProStyler Bars & Bike Pads

Original studio shot of the second version of the ProStyler Bar.

Over the course of 1984, with Donny’s input, the ProStyler bar was modified into a 5-piece design which was the only way to get a narrower “bend” for knee clearance on flat tricks.


A lime Green Lockjaw stem From the Dungeon.

Profile’s Lockjaw stem was re-purposed as a freestyle stem using a machined, hollow bolt for front brake cable clearance. To compliment our ProStyler frame and bars, these stems were offered in lime green, pink, white and blue.

Prostyler Kit

Current studio shot of the ProStyler combo in chrome from Profile’s museum.

Pro-Styler Pad Set copy

One of the original ProStyler pad sets dug out of the Dungeon.


May 9, 2018


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