May 16, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 19, 1984 Part #2.

Profile’s Eric Rupe wins the #1 Pro Series in 1983 (around September).
And at this point, Eric jumps to Mongoose.
No. 9 Profile Factory Racer Eric Rupe at NBL-ESPN Pro Series - BMX Action 8310

Bmx Action 1983: Eric Rupe #9.

Eric Rupe running Profile factory colors out in front - BMX Action 8311

Bmx Action 1983: Eric Rupe.

Jim had all ready booked print adverts with him, one being in full color.
Though before Jim can schedule the ads, BMXAction runs a feature in 1984 on the #1 Eric Rupe, though Rupe, in the article, states that he thinks Mongoose is out to win the team trophy with no mention of Profile.
But at the end of the 4-page feature, they put his bike in an outlined box saying, “The Lone Ranger had Silver to get around. Batman had the Batmobile and Eric Rupe has his…” Well, it’s a total Profile bike. Champ Pro, cranks, hubs, etc…
Unfortunately, Rupe never came close to duplicating his #1 finish.
Eric Rupp feature Mongoose ride but feature box is a Profile
So, Jim runs the Rupe advert all the way through Dec1984 before going back to the black & white crank ad.
1st 2-page Profile ad in BMX Action 8301
In the following month, Richard Zagars (Profile Factory Team) starts getting press for Profile and in ’85 decides to go after the #1 BMX Race Factory Team trophy.
BMXAction 8407 Profile Factory Team and Team Member Richard Zagars start to get press - 2
BMXAction 8407 Profile Factory Team and Team Member Richard Zagars start to get press - 1
1984 also sees Profile Racing nominated for NORA Cup BMX Team and Bicycle of the year.
BMXAction 8411 Profile Race Team and Bike recognized and up for NORA Cup 85

May 16, 2018


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