June 8, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 21, 1989.


What is left of Profile Racing’s prototype MTB Complete.

By 1989, Corey Alley was back from college at FSU for the summer and was prepping for a trip to the Worlds in Brisbane, Australia. His last race before this event was back in 1986; he was taking this trip more as an ambassador for the brand.

At FSU, Corey got more heavily into road bike racing, which transitioned in the MTB realm. Considering the Worlds were also an expo to present new and innovative product, Corey delivered this one-off, prototype MTB complete (like a dinosaur skeleton, what you see pictured here, is all we have left).

In the following years during the worst bmx recession in the early 90’s, Profile Racing would get into MTB component production (of stems and sprockets in the early 90s, and frames, fork, bars and hubs in the late 90’s) which we will cover in the following years’ posts.

Some interesting anecdotes about the Bmx Worlds in Brisbane, Australia:

  1. Corey stayed with the May family for three weeks. ¬†Chuck and Darren May owned “Invada Bmx” which made frames, plates and pads.
  2. The Mays’ family lived near the track where the movie Bmx Bandits was filmed.
  3. The Worlds would be THE LAST bmx race that Corey would enter, getting 7th in the 18-24 cruiser class.
  4. According to Corey, at that race “Steve Veltman was the fastest rider I have ever seen on a track. He was literally too fast to negotiate some of the jumps.” He was racing at least 5 bike lengths ahead of everyone else.

As you can see in the photo below, Profile named this frame the “Brisbane.” We pulled what was left out of The Dungeon, and shot photos as is.

This frame was hand welded by owner, Jim Alley…it never saw production.


Named after the 1989 Worlds in Brisbane, Australia.


The tubing and junctions on this farme were made from stock Colombus chromoly tubing out of Italy.


Jim decided to a run rear internal cable through the top tube both for aesthetics and so you didn’t have to run brake clips. Jim used a hand braised welding method that was incredibly time consuming.


Original Colombus tubing sticker.


This head tube was a one-off piece done right here in our machine shop.

June 8, 2018


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