May 31, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 20, 1987/1988.

Eagle Snacks Profile Race Team

Within the Golden Age of Bmx Racing, 1987 saw the two year marriage of the Legendary Eagle Snacks/Profile team thanks to Mark Fowler.

Within those years, the team won National NBL #1 Team title and took home the spoils of a brand new tour van.

The Team (From left to right, clockwise in an “S”):

Termite Hudson / Amy Holmes / Bernard Gant (BJ) / Ronnie Walker / Billy Au / Mark Fowler (TM) / Sean Riblet / Todd Lyons / The Sears Brothers / John Purse / Percy Owens / Mike Holmes / Mark Fowler Jr. / Dana Lee Fowler

Eagle Snacks Profile Chile 04

The 1988 NBL Worlds was held in Chile. As John Purse described it as a “much more organic competition for the times.” The team’s were met by Chilean’s General/Politician/Dictator, Augusto Pinochet. On the right is Bernard Gant.

Eagle Snacks Profile Chile 03

Photo of the World’s track. Chile. 1988.

Eagle Snacks Profile Chile 02

Groups of representatives of three National teams.

Eagle Snacks Profile Chile 01

From left to Right: Todd Lyons, John Purse, and Bernard Gant.

1988 was the begining of the decline of Bmx Racing. In future posts, we’ll reveal what Profile did to ride out the storm…

Stay tuned.

May 31, 2018


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