July 12, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 26, 1994.

By 1994, Profile was contracted by GT to make cranks for their subsidiary brand, Powerlite. Considering these were a higher end version compared to their current stock made overseas, the 3-Piece Powerlite cranks were predominately for their higher end complete bikes.


To differentiate Powerlite from GT, we kept the more ovalized aesthetic based off of the classic, 3rd generation Profile 19mm crank. And of course there was the Powerlite stamp: at this point in time, tooling to create the stamp (pictured below) ran about $1,200. Stamping of the cranks would be the last manufacturing component before being sent to the chromer.

And both the GT and Powerlite cranks came in Chrome only, with sizes in 175 and 180mm.



Along with both the GT and Powerlite cranks, the company contracted Profile to make both brand’s spiders.

The GT spider below had all ready been made, we just replicated it, however the Powerlite spider was designed by Profile’s Corey Alley after being given aesthetic free reign from the mother brand.


Soon after, GT/Powerlite contracted Profile to make an aftermarket solid sprocket. Again, given free reign, Corey designed this sprocket below which actually became the third solid chainwheel/sprocket (after the Profile Ripsaw and Trifan) produced here in our factory.


And last to the table in 1994, Boss (from Norcal) stepped up and asked Profile to manufacture crank sets to compliment their frames.

So as to not step on GT/Powerlite’s toes, the Boss cranks were made much different, centering on a 10-splined chromoly spindle. Unfortunately, all we have left in our archives is this Boss spindle.

Both Boss crank arms and spiders are running on a rig out there, somewhere in the world.


July 12, 2018


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