July 19, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 27, 1995.

1995 was the beginning of the uptick in the bmx industry as a whole. Feeling the bounce back, Profile Racing, after retiring from frame production in 1987/1988, decided to make a come back.

Taking some of the Aesthetics of the Iconic, Champ Pro Frame (by using the signature “cross” downtube/toptube bar) and adding Italian, Columbus brand, road style seat and chain-stay tubing, the Profile Racing X-File Frame was created.


X-Files were available in 3 sizes and in 4 colors.

Named after Corey Alley’s favorite TV show at the time, Jim put our crank welders back to work making three variations of this frame from 1995 to 1999.

The X-File was available in Pro, Pro-XL and Cruiser styles.


Italian, Columbus tubing was featured on the X-File Seat and Chain Stays as well as the X-File fork legs.


Each frame was sold as a kit featuring our Mid-School Seat Post Clamp.

Sold only as a kit (at the time), which included an X-File fork (the fork legs were also made from Columbus tubing), freshly introduced Mid-School Seat Post Clamp, headset AND, Profile’s return to the stem market: In 1995, stems switched from the standard shaft/wedge style to a thread-less style.


An OG “Gen-1” Stem in 65mm.

In that year, the Profile “Gen-1” stems were born. Available in Polished (and later, black), in two sizes: 55 and 65mm.


An OG X-File 20″ Fork.

1995 was also the last year (for awhile) that Profile Racing outsourced its production. After manufacturing US made cranks for GT, Powerlite, and Boss, Haro reached out and asked that we manufacture a small run of cranks for their subsidiary brand: Fusion.


Of a few sets we have left: Aftermarket Fusion Cranks were available in 175 and 180mm in chrome only.

Based off the tubular design of the after-market Powerlite cranks that we produced, Fusion cranks were available in 175 and 180mm with a Screen Printed logo which, Jim recently stated, “was a really expensive, locally outsourced process.”


The Fusion Cranks took a proprietary 36 splined spindle.

Setting them apart from all of our other after-market cranks, the Fusion Cranks offered a 36 Splined Spindle (as opposed to the Classic, Profile 48 Splined design).


July 19, 2018


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