August 2, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 29, 1997.

It is 1997.

Profile Racing contributes, unknowingly, one of the most iconic crank variations representing Mid School Bmx Freestyle. But before we get into that, let’s talk about our first official freestyle sprocket to accompany those cranks.

As detailed through machining as the Imperial (but proving to be a little less time consuming in production), the Profile “Tornado” saw first light. Our first sprocket in a 6mm width with 1/8 teeth, and our second sprocket design (after the Trifan) to use 3-D machining (the terracing around each hole).

In late 1997, this sprocket was released under a different name: The Profile Flywheel.

Available in 43, 44, and 45t, in either high polish or black anodize.

Archived 43t Flywheel Sprocket.

Archived 43t Flywheel Sprocket.

The Profile Flywheel became the unofficial compliment to the iconic Profile SS Cranks.

“SS” being the acronym for “Superior Strength.”

The SS Cranks featured the same overall design as the classic Profile 19mm “Race Cranks” but with much beefier, swaged tubing as well as a beefier pedal boss.

But the piece that really set it apart was the Spindle boss that adapted to a proprietary 7/8’s spindle.

With freestyle completes averaging 45lbs, this over-built crank set was meant to stand years of abuse. And even though it was quite close to being indestructible, Profile still offered a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking either the spindle or crank arms.


The first of its kind: A 7/8’s adaptable spindle boss.


The SS cranks featured an oversized pedal boss.


Considering the SS spindle was 7/8’s, we had to make a proprietary American Bottom Bracket to go along with it: Hence, the SS bottom bracket pictured here.

Rooting through the Dungeon, we’ve found both a cache of SS cranks and Flywheel sprockets.

If you’re interested in the combo, check here:

August 2, 2018


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