September 27, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 37, 2005.

2005 was another pivotal year in Profile’s history: The last year we would consolidate our product line into a full, print catalog. Within the catalog, this would also be the first year where we highlight Profile’s rich history: From New Jersey, to two temporary locations in Pinellas, County Florida, to where we are now (see pages 2-3).

The catalog went to print right as we moved into our new factory.

Another key element featured is the initial highlighting of the production of our product. On pages 18-19, we cover the 10 steps that it takes to produce our classic, 48 spline crank design.

This process was solidified (through trial and error) in the early 80’s, and has not changed. Today, these 10 steps are as current as ever.

As far as new product goes, here’s the breakdown as you peruse:

Page 12: In 2005, we released the Widowmaker sprocket: A highly intricate machined chainwheel with two versions.
The polished, 3/32’s race version started at 36t and included every size in between up to 46t.
The anodized black, 1/8 Freestyle version was available in 36t and 44t only. This version was machined as a blank, sent to the anodizer, and brought back here in the shop for post-production (machining of webbing and teeth).

Page 24: At the top of this page, the H.I.P stem was featured for the first time. Although it was only in production for a few years, the “Hidden Internal Piston” stem featured a 7075 aluminum piston (hidden inside the stem body) that ran from the bars to the steer tube. The concept was, once you tighten down your bars, the pressure on the piston would also tighten the stem down on the steer tube. This allowed for no steer tube bolts in the stem design, offering a much cleaner, rounded look (and a potentially less brutal effect on your knee if it made contact).

Page 32: We expanded our titanium line into Profile’s own, aftermarket compatible parts for other brands. On this page, you’ll notice 9t titanium drivers compatible with both Primo and Odyssey hubs, as well as titanium spindles for WTP and Primo Powerbite cranks.
We would also begin making our own titanium 19mm crank as well as 3/8 hub bolts proprietary to Profile cranks and hubs.

And lastly, on Page 34, we made a very short run of steel, 9t compatible drivers for Nankai Freecoaster hubs. We did one single batch, sold out, and just decided to keep them at a very limited number.

September 27, 2018


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