October 5, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 38, 2006.

2006 brought two things to the table for Profile:

The Blade: our first, truly 3-dimensional sprocket.

The Outlet DVD: Our second (and last) full production DVD.

Let’s start with the Blade.

As opposed to all of the Profile sprockets that came before it, the Blade was machined on BOTH sides to mimic a true propeller on a prop plane. With that in mind, the Blade took 30% more time to machine than a normal sprocket considering the back sides of our existing inventory of sprockets are completely flat and one-dimensional.

The challenge was to make a sprocket that was a mirror image on both sides, and, if you wanted, you could ride it either way as well.

The Blade was available in 3 sizes (25/28/30t) and in two colors; clear anodize and black. The black version went out to anodize and then came back for post machining on both the teeth and the logo engraving.

This sprocket was only in production for roughly 2 years.


Original drawing of the Profile Blade Sprocket.

The Outlet DVD took a full two years to produce. Filmed between 2004 and 2006, Ty Stuyvesant did an excellent job documenting our team’s road trips as well as editing it all into a 45 minute DVD with plenty of bonus sections and alternative edits.

A total of 1,000 copies were made, and once produced, we took a team road trip around the state of Florida to premier the video: The biggest events were held at Mesh Skatepark and The Skatepark of Tampa.


Outlet’s Front Cover done in collaboration with Rob Dolecki and Dig Bmx.


Outlet’s Back Cover done in collaboration with Rob Dolecki and Dig Bmx.

Here’s Mark Mulville’s main section from the Outlet DVD. Still, quite timeless even 12 years later.

Thanks too, to Mulville for being an integral part of our family all of these years (since 1999).

October 5, 2018


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