October 31, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 42, 2010.

2001 initiated the release of our Classic Mini Hub set. One of the most important components created in our machine shop.

9 years later, of equal importance, and after a year of testing, the release of the Profile Elite Rear Hub was set into motion.

What is/was all the hype? Let us count the ways.

Rear Elite Red

The engagement mechanism  (aka. the hub’s driver) is what set this apart from all other hubs on the market. By taking the classic Profile 4 spring, 4 pawl mechanism, and adding 2 extra springs/pawls with a larger diameter ratchet ring (the Elite’s ratchet ring has an additional 20 teeth), we were able to increase the points of engagement to 204.

What does this mean for race application: Much more instant engagement out of the gate.

To get into more detailed on the drivers (in comparison), here’s the complete specs on the Profile Mini:

  • The Mini Rear Hub takes a smaller pawl.
  • Although there are 4 springs/4 pawls, only 2 sets engage at once.
  • Considering the Mini Hub’s driver is smaller, for race application, the standard cog driver is made out of chromoly.
  • The Mini driver has 4, smaller 6802 bearings.

Left: Complete Elite Driver. Right: Complete Mini Driver.

Here’s the specs on the Elite Rear:

  • The Elite Rear Hub takes a larger pawl due to the race style, aluminum cog driver. Basically, the pawl needs a deeper pocket working with aluminum.
  • The Elite Rear has 6 springs/6 pawls, which allows for 3 sets to engage at once.  
  • The Elite Driver is much larger than the standard Mini. Considering this, the Elite axle has a narrower distance between bearing shoulders (hence a completely different axle). The standard cog carrying driver for race application is made from aluminum.
  • The Elite Driver has 2 x 6802 bearings and 1, larger 6902 bearing.

Left: Elite pawl. Right: Mini pawl.

The Elite, having a larger driver and many more points of engagement makes it exponentially louder than the mini hub. And that sound alone was what, a year later, brought it into the freestyle realm of bmx.

The Elite’s aesthetic was derived from the Totem Hubs, released a year earlier. The Elites, like the Totem, offered anodized, matching cones. But unlike the Totem, the Elite came in all 10 of our standard colors.


Elite Rear Shell: Left. Totem Rear Shell: Right.

Many people wonder why the Totem hub was discontinued? Due to similar aesthetics, the Totem Hub was often confused with the Elite. In the end, the Elite had many more technical advantages and became their hub of choice.

We are in the 8th year of the Profile Elite Hub. It still stands as one of our most sought after products.

Elite Bmx Hub Set Blue

Coming out of 2009, we needed a complimentary sprocket for Race that would fill the no-boss, 19mm crank niche. Although it doesn’t seem like much, the aesthetic intricacies of the Elite Spline Sprocket are pretty detailed. The design served to fill up every available space with 2-D fanning (see between the 3 circles on the design).

The Elite Spline Sprocket comes in:

  • 5 colors (Black, Blue, Polished, Red and Gold)
  • 19mm Only.
  • In every size from 36t to 46t.
Elite Spline Drive 19mm Red

Not to be confused with our Galaxy Sprocket, the Elite Spline Drive is one of our more technical designs.

October 31, 2018


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