November 30, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 44, 2012.

After heavy production/innovation/design years for Profile in 2010 and 2011, it was time to switch gears to Madera.

Following the classic, 19mm Profile Spline Drive Sprocket, the Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket was created. It uses the same 8 petaled “flower” design for the Spline Insert as the traditional Profile 19mm.

Before we offered 22 Cranks, and before the creation of the Universal Spline Insert (For the later Profile Sabre and Madera Signet Guard), we had to offer a second version of the Helm in 22mm right out of the gate.

Original CAD drawing of the Madera Helm Sprocket.

Still a staple in our inventory, the Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket comes in 25 and 28t, 19mm or 22mm, and in a variety of colors.

Black and Nickel featured, and over its history: Polished, Party Paint, Rust, Matte Red, and Snow.

2012 became one of the pivotal years for Madera in the creation of this: The Madera Mast Stem.

Original CAD drawing of the Madera Mast Stem.

Quickly becoming one of our most well received stems, the Mast took ALL of the Madera Unity Front Load Stem’s aesthetics, and flipped them right side up:

  1. The stem almost wraps around the steer tube, and is finished off with a sequence of milled ridges on the sides of the stem body. This was our second design going heavy on aesthetic contouring.
  2. The Mast utilizes the same stem cap from the Madera Unity Stem. The Mast is essentially an extension/evolution of the Madera Unity Stem.

Overall, the machine time on the Madera Mast Stem is actually longer the Profile Push: All the extra details add a ton of time in production.

The Madera Mast in the Erik Elstran “Swirlstran” Colorway.

Originally available in Black, the Mast has come in Nickel, Matte Red, Rust, Party Paint, Celestial, Swirlstran and Polished.

See you next week for our 2013/2014 weekly post celebrating Profile Racing’s 50 year anniversary.

November 30, 2018


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