December 19, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 45, 2015 and 2016.

Another grouping of two years where, looking back, you don’t realize how much happened until you jot down your notes.

This was another heavy hitting 24 months, and instead of the build up, we’re going to start with the banger.

After 2 years of testing several prototypes (Thanks so much to Chad Degroot) and waiting for a patent to be issued, the first Cassette/Freecoaster came to fruition in 2015: The Profile ZCoaster was born.

Considering we wanted to offer something different, Corey Alley took our existing cassette mechanism, modified the driver and pawl system, and created the best of both worlds: A Profile cassette that could be disengaged into a freecoaster.

We sat down with Dillon Leeper in Richmond Virginia, and filmed what he thought on the ZCoaster’s performance. Check out what he had to say here:

3 years with the Profile ZCoaster, and most of our Bmx Freestyle team has switched over. Check out riding from Chad Degroot, Dillon and Shane Leeper, Chris Childs, Bobby Proctor, Eric Holladay, Alexis Desolneux, and Terry Adams.

2015/2016 would prove to be a HEAVY year for innovation and production within Profile’s Race inventory.

To begin with, we catered to the growing increase in clamp diameter on stems. From the traditional clamp size, the Profile Nova stem (using similar aesthetics from the Profile Elite, MTB Helm stem as well as the Moto-Clamp style stem cap) bumped up to a 31.8 bar clamp diameter.

The Nova stem went into production featuring 3 sizes (48, 53, and 58mm) and available in all of our standard colors featured here.

Second in 2015 was the Profile Sabre Sprocket. Our most innovative sprocket design to date as it filled several niches.

On the race end, in sizes 36t through 45t, the Sabre was made specifically for Spline Drive (No Boss) cranks. It could be used with either a Universal 19mm or 22mm Splined Insert.

The Sabre was a perfect option for those who didn’t want to ride a Spider/Chainring combo on either their Profile 22mm Elite, or standard/classic 19mm No boss cranks.

On the freestyle side of things, we began to offer smaller versions in 25, 28, 30 and 33t. The difference? These four sizes have a spider bolt hole and can be used with bolt-on 19mm, 22mm, and 24mm cranks as well (using the respective Universal Adapters).

The Freestyle version of the Sabre, in addition to the Madera Signet Guard, are our two MOST UNIVERSAL sprockets adapting to pretty much every crank available.

In 2016, we continued a heavy innovative push within BMX race. Little did we know that a modification on very old BMX technology would have such an effect over different niches (including 24″ and 26″ cruiser as well as the track and road scenes).

Taking the classic, unsealed freewheel design, and modifying it to include both sealed bearings and an avatar of our cassette design (using a titanium, internal driver), Profile Racing released the Elite Freewheel.

Here’s a visual tutorial of yet another one of our most innovative components:

To go along with our New/Old stock of classic Profile High Flange Freewheel hubs, we slimmed the design down to create an Elite option (to match the front Elite Bmx Hub).

The Profile Nomad Freewheel hub saw the light of day in 2016. And to fill all of the newer axle configurations, we offered options in both 3/8 and 15mm.

For a complete list of specs, click here:


December 19, 2018


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