February 8, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 6, 1973.

1973 saw Profile Racing making its name in the auto racing market of the northeast portion of the US and with that came rapid growth. Our first catalog was printed and distributed with race car chassis being featured with added suspensions, suspension components, steering assemblies and accessories with many of the components being manufactured in our small, manually operated machine shop in New Jersey (see back page of catalog).



The really interesting tie in to Profile’s bmx history is the manual Mill featured in the photo at bottom right. This machine (still here in the shop) was used to mill a “fish mouth” cut on race car chassis’ tubing. The “fish mouth” would fit in, almost like a puzzle piece, to adjoining tubing in preparation for welding.


Through the 80’s, this machine would end up milling the tubing for all Profile Race frames. And into the late 90’s, it would create tubing for our short stint in Downhill MTB frame production.



February 8, 2018