February 14, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 7, 1974.

So now, Profile Racing is into its sixth year of business. Earlier in Profile’s history the frames and chassis sanctioned by the modified racing competition organizations authorized only frames and chassis made from consumer model autos. Popular were the early 70s AMC Gremlins, mid-30s Ford Coupes, late-30s Chevy coupes, etc.  for bodies, frames and chassis. But, it was becoming hard to find sub-chasiss that weren’t compromised by the salted winter roads in the NE. Rust and corrosion are not kind to steel. But the sanctioning organizations held firm to their consumer frame and chassis rule. That’s why Profile Racing introduced their hybrid 2×4 steel square sub-chassis rails and lobbied the sanctioning organizations to do away with that rule because it was putting drivers in harm’s way. Also, the Profile design was far superior in form, function and strength.

Sound familiar?



This article features Jim Alley and Profile Racing’s Flemington, NJ speed shop building race car chassis after sanctioning organizations adopted Jim’s (then 27 years old) sub-chassis design. The year is 1974 and this article highlights the success of Profile’s frame division with, at the time, 35 new race frames with sub-chassis built and sold to such pro racers as Tom Haeger, Buzzie Reuttiman and Les Alberti for tracks all over the country.


An interesting connection to our Chassis history: Behind our laser etching machine sits two vintage chassis’ in our loft. As we put the finishing touches on our product, it’s always a nice reminder to have Profile’s history lurking in the shadows.



February 14, 2018


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