January 31, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week Five, 1972

We’re just scraping the surface of our Profile Racing heritage series and we haven’t even gotten to bicycles yet. This week it’s 1972. Here’s a magazine ad for Profile Racing advertising their fabrication of race car chassis and additional services offered to the race car enthusiasts. The ad was published in the Area Auto Racing News, Dec. 16, 1972 – Trenton, NJ. This one-column ad is a far cry from Profile Racing’s present marketing department that coordinates the worldwide advertising, promotions and marketing of two BMX brands, MTB sales and continues to be a leader in sales & service or race car power steering gears & pumps.


1972 Magazine Ad for Christmas/NY

Published in the Area Auto Racing News, Dec. 16, 1972 – Trenton, NJ

January 31, 2018


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