January 10, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week Two, 1969.

This is our second Profile installment of 50-weekly posts kicking off a year of celebrating Profile’s 50th Anniversary.

Week two: 1969.

A pivotal year in Profile’s history for many reasons.

But where it all began, was Jim’s idea of evolving a cast aluminum housing into one made of “Forged, Billet Aluminum.”

This change in material and fabrication pioneered the “Profile Steering Gear.”


Top of the line, updated Profile steering gear with carbon fiber shafts and a high end anodized finish.

What you’ll notice is that at the top of the shaft, there’s a “slip-fit,” 48-splined spindle that allows for zero play once the steering wheel has been connected.


That spindle design would foreshadow a pioneered bmx product 10 years in the future. Keep this in mind for a later post.


The year, 1970 is up next week.

See you then.

January 10, 2018


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