November 16, 2016

Profile X Circuit: 4 days in a New England Fall.

New England in the fall is one of the best places to be! Beautiful
weather, colorful trees, and everyone out and about, trying to get
their last bits of excitement in before winter hits.
When I was asked to head up to Rhode Island for a Profile X Circuit
Bmx trip, I couldn’t say no…
The trip went exactly how I would have wanted it to go down. Got to
spend multiple days in the woods riding amazing trails with amazing
people, Had some good local foods, met some new friends, and so much
I wanna give a huge thanks to the trails locals, the new pals I’ve
gained, the old pals I’ve known, and most of all, Profile Racing and
Circuit Bmx Shop for making this amazing adventure happen.
Vic and Cara from Circuit are truly awesome people, doing so much for
the bmx community, and I’m happy to call them both good friends of
Thanks again,

Mark M.
Bobby chillen in the woods, between runs.
Bobby’s dog, curled up in the chilly New England air.
Brandon Christi one hand can at his local spot.
A river runs through it-Rhode island woods.
Vic shot the one of me – one footed table
I shot Cara leading a train, and Cody table pic.

November 16, 2016


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