January 27, 2023

Profile’s Team Legacy — Gervais Rousseau

To kick off Profile’s 55th anniversary (1968 – 2023), we wanted to begin the celebration by highlighting those riders who’ve been with our brand for over 15 years.

Over the course of January, we’ll feature each of those 11 riders in a comprehensive retrospective – looking back, ruminating on today, and looking forward.

This is our family.

Thanks to each of these riders for years of support.

Tenth up, Gervais Rousseau.

When Nascar is no joking matter…

M: What year did you start riding for Profile?

G: Dunno exactly. Been a 20 years journey with that TM….uummm… Matt Coplon. Is that his name ?

When Table Top Tuesday is every day of the week. Pic care of Ben Gea.

M: Favorite Profile Component?

G:Gas pedals.

Style is an understatement…

M: Lucas said the same thing. You’ve got to fill me in as to why?

G: When they came out, there wasn’t that much offers for thin, flat and wide metal pedals. And I don’t even talk about quality. All time favorite !  PLEASE…make them again.

Art installation turned…

M: Single Profile component you rode the longest?

G: Front mini hub. Over 15 years so far.

Solid times with a solid crew…

M: What! I’ve got to know why? Because you don’t like change? Or, are you trying to see how long it will last?

G: Because they last, use to run parts ’til they fall apart and I always land like a champ !

One of several west coast pool trips…

M: Favorite Profile related Roadtrip?

G: 2016, The Profile Racing “Bueno” Trip.

Pool hunting on the Profile “Bueno” Trip.

M: Yea man, one of my most memorable ones too. Between riding the Nude Bowl and that Full Pipe in the desert…unreal.

I love how that is what you asked for, and that’s what you got.

Was that trip based on you just wanting to ride iconic American spots? 

G: It was this or Hollywood boulevard, Universal studios and the Viper room. Had to make a choice.

Maitland Banks…Florida Icon.

M: Best overall memory from a Profile Roadtrip?

G: Went to the nude bowl and have been confronted to a swarm of bees staying inside. Didn’t last long to show them who was the boss.

Draining the Nude Bowl with left over detritus…

M: Do tell, what exactly happened?

G: Upon arrival at the nude bowl, I get off the van like a madman and saw that the pool was fill in by water. A lot. Oh wait…are you serious ? In the middle of the desert under heavy heat ? As a bonus, there were a huge squad of bees flying around that water because some soda bottles were floating. There was no way we wouldn’t be able to ride THAT pool that day. Short story short, teamwork handled the business. Thank you all. Dream came true.


M: Lastly, I love your passion for cement….anywhere and everywhere, especially pools.

Your most favorite pool in the states?

Your most favorite pool in Europe?

G: My favorite one is still the first one ever. You (Matt) brought me to this perfect one in Tampa area at a trailer park and I was hooked. So I have to talk about all the misfits that showed up with RC cars, mean dogs and so on ? Probably not ha ha. In France, rideable pools are nowhere to be found. Square bottom and square shape. The one and only pool I was able to ride was 3 hours away from my place. I still don’t know why it existed…. Shut out to my AZ boys. I miss you guys.

January 27, 2023


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