January 13, 2023

Profile’s Team Legacy — Jared Eberwein

To kick off Profile’s 55th anniversary (1968 – 2023), we wanted to begin the celebration by highlighting those riders who’ve been with our brand for over 15 years.

Over the course of January, we’ll feature each of those 11 riders in a comprehensive retrospective – looking back, ruminating on today, and looking forward.

This is our family.

Thanks to each of these riders for years of support.

Fifth up, Jared Eberwein.

Jared Eberwein, Riverside recent.

Matt Coplon: What year did you start riding for Profile? Was it before or after we first rode together in Riverside, Ca.?

Jared Eberwein: 2006. It was after we first met and rode together. I can’t exactly recall the full itinerary of your trip at that time, but we definitely met prior to you making an amazing moment of my early riding career unforgettable. We met because I rode with Mike Saavedra nonstop for years when I was younger, and he introduced me to you, and played a big part of you adding me to the team. Thank you for that.

Early Profile Days…

M: I was kind of in shock watching you ride Jurupa. I know it’s your home park but I honestly couldn’t believe some of your lines. And you still ride there pretty regularly?

J: I don’t ride there a regularly as I use to, not because I don’t want to, I ABSOLUTELY love Jurupa and it’s my favorite place to ride. Just because of scheduling and what not, BMX shows, ride with friends at there homes, travels, film/shoot days. Just fun BMX life stuff. When I plan or make time specifically to go ride somewhere, it’s Jurupa being my usual go to; it’s home.

Last day, last snap of one of the early trips to Riverside, Ca.

M: What’s been your favorite Profile Component?

J: The Profile Mini Hub’s.

Pocket Whip at Area 51, Santee, Cali.

M: With that in mind, I was real stoked we could do two different colourways in those hubs for you: The Limited, “Cotton Candy” and “Reverse Cotton Candy” Hubs.

Funny too, because I thought they were a risky idea, and then, besides the Galaxy Rust hubs, both those color ways were two of our most popular. Ha!

What was the inspiration for those?

J:  This is no surprise to you and some of my friends, but I have a sweet tooth! Which used to be a lot more untamed, I’ve grown wiser in my age haha, gained control. Not to say I’m obsessed with cotton candy, I’m actually not, but candy in general, however. That was some of the inspiration, and Profile did some other “splatter” hub colors. You had always mentioned to us riders if we ever had any ideas we’d like to pursue, we’re more than welcome to share. I started brainstorming color combos, light blue and pink finally came to mind and I instantly thought, “cotton candy!” I was completely set on it from there, so colorful and popped so good! I love them! Think we could do a comeback???

Athens, Ga. trip with Mark Mulville.

M: What’s the single Profile component you rode the longest?

J: My first Mini rear hub, it was Antifreeze Green.

Bridging the gap in SoCal.

M: Wild, I think when I met you, you had those on your bike? How long did you ride those hubs?

J: Well I think I had the rear one first, I wanna say I probably rode that hub 2.5 years or more. Which I know isn’t crazy long, but I very fortunately was added to Profile and set up with a new set of blue!! I still have that antifreeze rear hub, naked insides but laced up to a rim still. Kept for that exact reasoning, my first Profile hub!

SoCal rock whip.

M: What’s been your favorite Profile related Roadtrip?

J: 2012 Tulsa, OK and ending up at Texas Toast.

One of MANY Profile trips; AZ with Ricky Moseley.

M: Give us the details! What made that one so fun?

J: The riding was unbelievable to me and for me. I don’t really classify myself as a particular rider; like street, park, dirt. I ride some more than others, street being the less but still absolutely love it with great company and spots. You being VERY familiar with Tulsa, you took us to some awesome spots to ride and I really built my confidence with some of the tricks I’d done AND learned. Clips that I was gathering, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I remember riding SO much day number one, my body felt useless the next day, haha. The friends/riders on the trip were/are incredible and truly made it one of my favorites. Also I was pretty into contests at the time, so going on a fun week long road trip with the team to film AND ending at a contest was pretty cool too.

One of two Hawaii trips with Ricky Moseley.

M: In addition, on that subject, what’s your Best memory from a Profile Roadtrip?

J: Being apart of Props Mega Tour 9 for profile in 2009 I believe. One of the first big trips and experiences I’ve had in BMX, amazing times.

Tampa, Florida. Between an FLBMX stop.

M: You got picked up in a limo from the airport, right?

J: I did!! I had no idea, but I think you did. Ha! I was the first of the profile guys to arrive, which was a night before everyone. Got picked up in a Massive stretched blue Cadillac Escalade limo. With two strangers inside picking me up with a sign for me. Literally felt like I was in a movie, ha! These awesome dudes, Jeff Harrington and friend then took me to a personal indoor skatepark. Jeff’s buddy owned the park and a limo business; wild it was.

More recents from AZ.

M: And of our crew, who’s the Profile Team rider who you enjoyed travelling with the most?

J: Matt Coplon (I’m sure most riders/friends might have this answer) but it’s true. Matt is the glue and the reason for all of my Profile memories. Always a treat to be around Matt’s genuine excitement for BMX is uplifting!

Jared’s recent, genius endeavor: Wheel’s Squared Bmx Shows.

M: You’re making me blush….Ha! We appreciate you, Jared! Thanks for years of support!

January 13, 2023


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