January 9, 2023

Profile’s Team Legacy — Luis Pinzon

To kick off Profile’s 55th anniversary (1968 – 2023), we wanted to begin the celebration by highlighting those riders who’ve been with our brand for over 15 years.

Over the course of January, we’ll feature each of those 11 riders in a comprehensive retrospective – looking back, ruminating on today, and looking forward.

This is our family.

Thanks to each of these riders for years of support.

Third up, Luis Pinzon.

Luis Pinzon, Tampa – Florida.

Matt Coplon: What year did you start riding for Profile?

Luis Pinzon: I believe it was 2000 or 2001.

Campus days, Circa 2004.

M: Might have been even sooner, because I remember our first road trip together was 1999. We drove and rode those parks in Indiana and Ohio filming for the first Profile Vid. 

I think soon after, Jeff gave you a Profile frame. Probably a 45 pound build at that point.

Considering then and now, how important is weight to you when blasting transitions?

L: That bike was an easy 45 pounds if not more. I definitely consider weight when picking parts for my builds but I try not to get carried away. I think the only titanium part I run is the crank spindle. I also have no idea how much my bike weighs. If I was riding primarily street, I think I would pay more attention to the numbers because bunnyhopping a lighter bike sounds appealing. At this point though, strength and stability in the air are most important to me. 

Old local watering hole in Tampa. Early 00’s.

M: Speaking of your bike, what’s your favorite Profile component?

L: Classic mini hubs. In camouflage to be specific. 

Colombia spots.

M: I know you love those, ha! Talk to us, why the camo?

L: Ah man. Tough question. My favorite color is camo for many reasons. For one, you can match with a bunch of different colors. You also don’t have to pick “one” color. If you go with camo, you get a little green, a little brown, and a sprinkle of black. I love the military and/or woodsman vibe of it as well. My favorite pants are camouflage as well. I’m wearing them right now!

Desoto Days; when your college roommate is a photographer.

M: Single Profile component you rode the longest?

L: Camouflage mini hubs since 2015.

Recent triple tooth with Ryan Torrance and Dylan Kakowski, at the Owl’s Nest.

M: What was your favorite Profile related Roadtrip?

L: Props Mega Tour. I smile every time I think about that trip. 

From Tampa, to Cali, to North Carolina; the old DIY in Charlotte.

M: And that was when you were in med school, right?

How were you able to take off so much time? I can’t remember the reasoning, but I know it had to be a gamble?

L: It was actually during the limbo period when I was waiting to hear back after my med school interviews. I was actually on that trip when I got the call from USF and was told that I had been placed on the waitlist. So that was actually a pretty big bummer but the stoke of the trip kept my spirits high. And as you know, shortly after the trip I got the acceptance call from USF and made it through the waitlist. It was a crazy time in my life. Seems wild to think I was trying to get into medical school and you guys were teaching me how to grind handrails at the same period in my life. 

Recent snap from the ER.

M: Best memory from a Profile Roadtrip?

L: I think I was the only rider on the Mega Tour trip who had yet to grind a hand rail on street. The team convinced me that I could do it so I went for it and thankfully it worked out. Even though there were guys on that trip that could grind hand rails backwards, among other variations, the team was patient with me and they were excited to see me concur a fear of mine.

Cali Days.

M: I’m blanking on this. Where was that at in Texas? Do you remember how big the rail was?

L:  I think it was San Antonio. I wish I could say it was a 10 stair or something but sadly it was probably closer to 5 or 6. It did give me rail fever for a while. I forgot I busted my chin open on that trip in Waco and had to get stitches. Then had to get stitches the week after we returned in my eyebrow because of a rail. 

Swampfest, 2022.

M: Who’s the Profile Team rider who you enjoyed travelling with the most?

L: That is tough. I spent the most time traveling with Chad Moore so I would say him. 20+ years later and he is still one of my closest friends. His tailwhips are still some of the most pleasing to the eye. Runner-up would have to be Anthony Cico. He could be passed out in the back of the van but could churn out some insane riding within 5 minutes of arriving anywhere. 

Home away from home; Skatepark of Tampa.

M: Thanks for all the support over the years, we truly appreciate you!

High noon whip in Brandon.


January 9, 2023


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