January 19, 2023

Profile’s Team Legacy — Ricky Moseley

To kick off Profile’s 55th anniversary (1968 – 2023), we wanted to begin the celebration by highlighting those riders who’ve been with our brand for over 15 years.

Over the course of January, we’ll feature each of those 11 riders in a comprehensive retrospective – looking back, ruminating on today, and looking forward.

This is our family.

Thanks to each of these riders for years of support.

Seventh up, Ricky Moseley.

SoCal Portraiture.

Matt Coplon (TM): What year did you start riding for Profile? 

Ricky Moseley: I first met Matt Coplon at East Coast Terminal Skatepark in NY in 2004 which is where he added me to the Grassroots team!

Big Island pocket.

M: Funny to think about this, as this was the same comp. where I met Anthony Napolitan. That place was magical!

I know, like me, that was a hike for you from Memphis…at that point, what were you riding? I remember being shocked at some of the stuff you were doing.

R: Oh man, now your testing my memory… frame wise I was on a FBM PWMOTO parts wise I don’t remember exactly but Profile SS hubs and Profile Cranks, I do remember. Besides that, I’m a little grey on the memory, lol.

On the road with Jared Eberwein.

M: Favorite Profile Component?

R: Always has been and Always will be Profile Elite Hubs!

A dialer that would turn into a Profile print advert.

M: Why? Talk to me!

R: I want to talk to you but you may be the busiest person I know haha you can call me anytime I never know when is a good time to call you!!

Style and finesse…

M: Single Profile component you rode the longest? 

R: Tough Question I would say Elite Hubs or Stem; kinda 50/50.

A Desert Hot Springs staple.

M: What was you favorite Profile related Roadtrip? 

R: Probably Jared and my first trip to Oahu,HI. It was suchhhh a sick trip from the locals to the riding to the skateparks truly a great trip.

Always with that exceptional downside whip…

M: From the looks of it, it seemed so. Was real awesome to see you all get the whole scene involved. Riding over there looks absolutely amazing.

The next question is about your favorite memory of a Profile trip, but let me tell you mine in regards to you: The day you called me up to tell me you were water skiing to Catalina Island. Ha!

Please tell us about that day…So wild!

R: HAHA, yes, so Ryan Brennan (AKA Barspinner Ryan) started this whole thing about me trying it and he was convinced I wouldn’t attempt it BUT! I did. We left the Long Beach Bait Barge around 6PM in the winter so it was dark outside and Brandon Clark, Mike Clark, and Barspinner were on the boat. I was pulled behind in a wetsuit with Wooden American flag Skies bought at goodwill with a 70ft rope into the dark dark ocean, haha. I made it about 5-6 miles in total before my arms gave up on me. I will say that making sure they knew I was giving up was the scariest part, I had put glow sticks on my body but I was still nervous that they didn’t see I was gonna let go haha. So I did not make it all the way there but I take my 5-6 mile story with me everywhere I go!!

Nothing beats a classic flatter, and ol’ Ricky does em’ well.

M: Now, Your best memory from a Profile Roadtrip?  

R: Oh man…honestly when Jared and I went to Hawaii and we thought it’d be a good idea to Bar Spin into each other for a photo; trying to get the shot as tight as possible and Jared just decided to Carve into my area. And when we both threw the Bars, they literally intertwined and in some miraculous way we both grab our bars elbow to elbow and rode away. I’m pretty sure I had to go change my underwear, LOL!

Hawaii days with Jared Eberwein.

M: And for me, one of my most favorite photos ever. The timing was unreal! Did you all ever clip?

R: We rubbed elbows, but we didn’t fall on each other somehow and our bikes never touched mid air which is also incredible, haha!!

Profile trip to the Sunken City.

M: Who’s the Profile Team rider who you enjoyed travelling with the most?

R: Well, I truly get along great with all my Fellow Teammates on Profile every trip has always been nothing but good times but I’d say Jared Eberwein and I have been together the most and we have the best times every time.

Woodward, 2016 with the Profile crew.

M: Jared is a serious treat. I love his demeanor; so mellow yet will/can do the wildest and biggest moves.

Really love and appreciate the two of your(s) dynamic.

Lastly, I think it’s pretty amazing with what you’ve gotten into regarding your livelihood.

Can you tell us a little about your photography and the mediums of product that you offer?

SoCal flatter 360.

R: Yeah, so I kinda fell into my Ocean Photography journey. I was at Sheep Hills with Hucker and Barspinner one day back in 2012 and a guy named Robbie Crawford was there shooting Hucker and a few others with, at the time, the GoPro Hero 3…And he shot some of me as well. Robbie was, to my knowledge, the only person ever full salary sponsorship to not take selfies on GoPro. He was a leader in Empty waves and Surf Photos.

He invited me to The Wedge in Newport Beach to shoot wave photos and to say I fell in love with the art of it is a understatement. So we became close friends over the years and I slowly started doing Art Shows and the rest was history. Now, almost 10 years later, I still do Art Shows every week and it has been 80% of my living for the last 5-6 years now and I love it. Seeing people spend their hard earned money on something I created myself is very satisfying and also I’m very happy to make people happy when they see the shots in person. Some of the reactions are priceless, so it really is a Rad business. Big thank you to Robbie for being an influence in not only my business but everything around it as well!

Check his page out @robbiecrawford 

Profile days at the Iconic Nude Bowl.

M: Much appreciated, Ricky! Thanks for years of support.

January 19, 2023


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