October 3, 2018

The hottest month on record: Mark Mulville


Oppo leaner pic: shot by, Josh Miller

I’ve rode so much this month, that I feel like a kid again! It’s been amazing! My buddy, Josh and myself have been wander around a bunch lately on street and park missions, heading out any chance we both can…typically early mornings before work for a couple hours. It’s also perfect timing to beat the midday summer heat.


Oppo table: shot in Pittsburgh by, Bobby Valentine

I also decided last minute to take a weekend trip up to Pittsburgh to see all my yinzer buddies. Bobby V. And myself rode all over he place for a few days! We also were lucky enough to catch a solid session at the Halahan’s! Those boys have built up a masterpiece in their yard. The jumps were good sized and built amazing! So stoked to finally visit there and also just stoked to be around that family!


Surf pic: shot in Costa Rica by, Darren Kaye

On a non bmx related note, I took another last minute trip to Costa Rica for a quick weekend of surf! As usual, it was beautiful and incredible there! On a bmx note, I did run into two legendary Costa bmx riders, Kenneth Tencio and Sebastian Chavez!


Alligator pic: by me

Obviously I wandered he woods and swamps for gators..that’s a given!


Mark Mulville


Woods table: shot in Pittsburgh by, Murphy Moschetta


Toboggan: Josh Miller


October 3, 2018