May 22, 2019

Travel can be brutal: Matt Coplon’s Travel Build.

Through my Job at Profile, between doing sales, promo, and team trips, I travel with my bike quite a bit. Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that traveling with my main, custom FBM build is just asking for logistic brutality; getting tossed around between connections, being thrown into the belly of of the aircraft only to have hundreds of pounds of luggage hurtled on top, and then the final dings/scratches/dents while in close vicinity to everyone else’s rigs on the trip. I’m anal not only about how my bike functions, but how it looks. A beaten up frame drives me nuts.A couple months ago, I bought a Deco S/T frame from Chad Degroot…although I’m very particular about dimensions and especially weight, the S/T design was close enough to what I was looking for but with some extra strength additions in spots where travel happens to take it’s most menacing toll (Chainstays, Top/Down Tube). I had the fortifications covered, but I was hesitant on the weight…that was until I took it out of the box and realized it was 5lbs.

We built her up quick, I snapped some pics, and then held off on posting until after her maiden voyage. 
This recent trip was to Tulsa; two connections and 6 days rattling around in the back of a pickup with 3 other rigs, all with 4 pegs. It did get scratched, that was unavoidable, but the import thing was that it lasted through the flights, took a hit on the downtube during multiple missed handrail attempts, and the chainstays took a beating quite a bit on several missed ledge 50/50’s. Scratched paint was all I got. Nothing a magic marker couldn’t fix.So it’s durable? Indeed. No questioning.Though more importantly, on passing that test, I’ve never had a rig without my exact dimensions feel this good right out of the gate; rigid, the short rear end makes manuals feel incredibly controlled, and the unique capsuled tubing Degroot chose for the chainstays not only play into it’s rigidity, but make it’s aesthetic finish extra dialed. And that hourglass head tube? Real stoked on all of the above.
Here’s the complete built list below, mind you, most of these parts have been on my travel bike for 5 years…The frame, fork and bars are what get switched every two years.

-Matt Coplon

For dimensions on the Deco S/T frame, click here:

Stem: Profile “Mulville” Push, 48mm with titanium bolts
Fork: 28mm Deco Fufork
Bars: Country 711
Headset: Deco
Grips: ODI Longneck
Deco Deche Fat Seat
Deco Short Pivotal Post
Front Wheel: Profile 28 hole Totem Hub / 14 Titanium spokes (in laced), 14 Wheelsmith Double Butted (outlaced) / Aluminum 3/8 inner axle / 1 x standard chromo socket bolt / 1 x 3/8 Profile titanium button bolt / Sun Envy 28 Hole Rim / Demolition 2.2 Momentum Tire / Profile 7075 Peg
Rear Wheel: Profile 36 hole Totem Hub / 36 Wheelsmith Double Butted Spokes / Aluminum 3/8 inner axle / 1 x standard chromo socket bolt with donut adapter for 14mm / 1 x 3/8 to 14mm Profile titanium button bolt / 9t Custom Aluminum driver / Sun Envy 36 Hole Rim / Demolition 2.2 Momentum Tire / Profile 7075 Peg
A Profile front Aegis Guard used in the rear.
Profile 160mm Standard No Boss 19mm Cranks w/ titanium spindle w/ 7075 GDH Bolts
25t 19mm Profile Spline Sprocket
Profile standard Mid 19mm BB Kit
KMC 510 Chain
Profile Gas Pedals

May 22, 2019


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