July 19, 2018

What does it take to make a print advert: Craig Stevens.

The whole point of me going to South Africa, where this add was shot, was so I could propose to my now wife.

I just wanted to get it done as soon as possible because it was stressing me out!

So, attempt No.1 – We drove 4 hours to Hluhluwe game reserve and up a ferociously tall hill where we could see herd’s of wildebeest sweeping across the plains.  This was my spot! I hopped out the car and asked my lady to join me on the hillside to which she replied “piss off”, I don’t want to get eaten by a lion” We then proceeded to have a bit of a argument. We then drove back 4 hours because we couldn’t find anywhere to stay. She was not stoked.

Attempt No.2- I took my lady out for a lovely breakfast and we spent the day frolicking on the glistening shores of the North coast of Natal. When the sun began to set I took her for a gentle stroll along the beach and just as I was about to pop the question a dead body washed up on shore ( been out at sea for about a week).

Once again mission aborted.

Attempt No. 3- We drove to the Drakensberg to hike Giants castle and whilst negotiating a congress of ominous looking baboons, I made the decision to pop the question before something else could discombobulate my plans.

I was now an engaged to be married man and could ease back and enjoy our holiday with a bit of riding thrown in. My Dude Clive the Ray Gunn came down to ride bikes with me in Durban. We took a trip to North beach park where I bumped into my old friend Hanky. He happened to have a camera on him, snapped this flatty and sent it to the good dudes at Profile who then turned it into my favorite, personal add of all time. Every time I see it, I get a flood of great and funny memories from that trip, this shot also encompasses the things I love about BMX.

Photo by @schognleeprofile_craig_rideUK_164

July 19, 2018


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