March 15, 2017

Wild in the streets of Puerto Rico with Chad Degroot.

Southwest air you need to check in 24 hours to the second to get boarding in the A list. Was at yoga and halfway through and 9am hit and had my phone ready with the site and my reservation. A50 is not bad. A class. Gets you the choice of seats and I prefer the aisle. Although flying into a beautiful island of Puerto Rico a window seat would make for better photos. Swooped up curbside and off to a cement park with ocean views then Rincon to stay a few days. No plans. Maybe surf, waterfalls, beach days, and just buds living it up. Air bnb seems the way to go. Great clean and good location places bring the stoke level high. Sprinkle some riding in each day, good island food, no big restaurants only small local stops. Everyone had a smile from start to finish. Weather was prime. And a crew laughing nonstop makes for great memories. Sometimes it takes an effort but once you do it…it’s well worth effort. Good by Puerto Rico and happy birthday Brian.

Music care of PR hotel lobby.

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March 15, 2017


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