May 03 2016

Zach Rogers X FBM

Zach Rogers has been doing some FBM research and development.
Second banger in a month.
Get on it.

Main Filming by Phil Jones, assembled by Steve Crandall and Zach Rogers

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Apr 29 2016

Degroot and Deco’s Pac Ends.

Each Friday, Deco is doing a featured product/riding edit. Today Chad Degroot does a little handlebar scraping to show the Deco Pac ends.


100% USA materials and 7075 USA Materials machined at Profile Racing in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

USA style with the flush bolt design to clamp, not stab the bars, in polished look. Pac Man clamp is the way it should be to hold tight, thick to make the transition to grips smooth, and strong as all hell.

Weight: .7 oz or 20 grams each

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Apr 27 2016

Ricky Moseley: April Ups and Downs.

From the best part of the month, to the worst:

Every Wednesday the Vans park in HB opens the bowl to bikes all day for free. And bikes only!
So awesome!
It’s great to know that in going there I will run into all my friends and meet new ones as well!

So here’s some photos of those sessions of myself and Larry Edgar and Ross Lanier.

The worst part was that we lost a friend I met through shooting wave photos.
Brad Honda who passed earlier this month at 33 years old. He was one of the nicest people I’ve met through shooting photos and I hope everyone who he impacted (including myself) changed for the better.
His attitude was so loving and forgiving…he was also a big wave fanatic. He would go out on the biggest wave days and come up laughing.

Featured here, is a photo I got of him on about a 15 ft face wave he rode last summer. As you can tell he got destroyed once this wave closed out on him, but damn this wave was huge. I remember being so nervous watching it roll through…

-Ricky Moseley

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Apr 25 2016

Degroot: Epic Mash Up.

This is the last few years riding from Florida to Louisiana and Wisconsin. Even Indiana. Lots of instagram and FB which gets overlooked or skipped. Here is a mash up from street, park, and tons of flatland. Enjoy.

“Today I rode the best I have ridden in a long time. Once the session was done I sat down and thought I need more tricks. But the whole day I did my normal tricks and added some twists and extras to them. Took me a minute to realize I am moving on as of today. Decided to expand on these new twists from now on and my list of stuff to do is getting bigger. Another great day in many ways…42 years young and still learning and progressing with a smile. Thanks.”

-Chad D
#decobmx #bmx #flatland #ride

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