May 26 2016

Dig Bmx X Profile Racing DIY Series Part Three.

The third installment of the Dig Bmx X Profile Racing DIY series for this year: The Grapefruit Trails in Palm Bay, Florida.
Let Shawn Bilslend walk you through a brief history while Mark Mulville, Riley Jordan, Jared Eberwein, and Rob Nolli have a session.
Thanks to Shawn for all his dedication and hard work on this little island paradise.

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May 26 2016


On the cusp of turning 39, here’s a compilation of clips filmed from June 2015, to May 2016.
After work, early on weekends, and eeking in clips when I can while traveling with the Profile team.

Thanks to Deco Bmx.
Thanks to The Skatepark of Tampa and Alan Shirley at The Rooster Den.
Thanks to Etnies Shoes and Folklore.
Thanks to Dig Bmx for hosting the edit.

Thanks especially to Profile Racing for their employment and for giving me the opportunity to travel regularly as their Team Manager.
Enveloped by bmx: I’m eternally grateful.

To the end of a year, to the beginning of another.
Thanks for watching, Enjoy…

Much love to these folks for taking their time to help film: Thomas Sanders, Steven Caro, Alan Shirley, Mark Mulville, Jack Hartje, Zachery Rogers, Grant Castelluzzo, Mike Hinkens, Russell Wadlin, Travis Reavis, Dan Orroyo, Ben Jordan, and Chad Degroot.

– Matt Coplon –
May 25th, 2016.

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May 24 2016

Profile Limited Spectrum Hubs, Now Available!

Ramping up the first of a handful of VERY limited color ways this summer.
First up, the Profile Wing-P, Spectrum color way.
Available in RHD and LHD Mini hubs (55 sets total) with a small complimentary run of Elite Hubs, and Push Stems in 48 and 53mm.
Contact your local bike shop to snag a set.

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May 21 2016

Mulville: Out, now back in.

This has been a rough month, to say the least.
At the end of April, I took a hefty fall while doing Bmx demos in Miami.
I figured it would mean a week off my bike, tops.
Ended up with ligament damage in my shoulder, keeping me off for 3 weeks.
Finally back on the bike now and super happy. Currently at about 75%
and getting better everyday.
While off the bike, I spent most of my time hiking and shooting
photos, mainly of wildlife.
Had some very up close and personal experiences with large gators, and
other wild animals.
Photography pretty much kept me sane, during my time off. Such cool
experiences with crazy wild animals and It was cool also shooting some
Bmx, surf and moto stuff.

Feels good to be back on the bike, but I’ll continue to be shooting
photos and learning more and more on photography.

-Mark M.

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