Jul 03 2015

Vince Kroff and the Area 43 Jam.

This past weekend I randomly hit up my friend Paul Covey about heading out to the Area 43 backyard ramp Jam. I was well aware of this event a month or so leading up to the day but didn’t think much of because my work schedule normally requires me to work around the weekends but I was luck to get this Saturday off. Ride BMX magazine had put up $250 dollars cash prize for a best trick comp so a knew there would be a good group of rippers. With my only expectations being a good time and a photo for instagram me and Paul rolled out. We get to the jam and its a solid group of San Diego regulars and local legends, the vibes were super strong and everyone was having a good time. After riding for awhile, the shred meter was near capacity. Still with zero expectations I ride in the best trick comp, to my surprise I ended up winning. I did a few solid moves and tried a few crazy things but what won it for me was a Monkey Plant to fakie on this awkward bowl corner. Not bad for a guy that works full time, normally just rides his local park in the AM hours and trains Jiu-Jitsu in evenings..
-Vince K

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Jun 30 2015

Q and A: Classic Mini Front hub. The biography of an unsung hero Part Three.

The classic Profile Mini Front Hub is one of the longest running staples here at the factory.
At 16 years old, it fulfills all you need in a front hub: Durable, Signature Aesthetics, Timeless.

The Mini Front Hub can fill any style of riding and falls under the “Build Your Own Hub” campaign.
Shown in this picture is the Front Aegis Hub Guard which is one of the core accessories to the Mini Front Hub.
You can ride the Aegis Hub Guard on either side (it is designed to be universal) or both if you’re riding two pegs.
Here are some key points:

1. The Aegis Front Hub Guard Replaces the existing Mini Front hub Cones.
2. Works through compression. Tightening the wheel to your fork secures the guards onto the hub.
3. Made out of 7075 Aluminum.

Made in the USA!

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Jun 30 2015


With being so close to the Chicago Dew tour I decided to arrive early, get a car, and meet up with Karl Poynter for a quick trip riding some Indiana parks. With chasing rain drops for 3 days we did get some stuff done, more than we thought. Pretty amazing parks and wild scenes Indy has. We found enough time.

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Jun 29 2015

Saavedra: The Tahoe Woodsman.

Tahoe is one of my favorite places. The air is fresh, the woods are green and the energy of the mountains vibrates high. It’s a magical place and I am also happy to spend time here.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to design and build a set of trails in this special place. Every summer I make the trip up north to WoodWard Tahoe and get the spot running again after the long winters.
This year I had a great crew and my good friend Jake also made the trip all the way from Hazelwood in Pittsburg PA. With such a solid crew we got the trails in the best shape they have ever been in. Thanks to the boys Augie, SteveO, Sal and Jake!

This was a awesome trip and one to remember considering it was my first real day back on my bike. Such an incredible feeling to roast a proper double again! I can’t express how grateful I am to still follow my passion. Thanks to everyone for the support and Profile for sticking with me. If you have a chance to ever make it out to Thaoe be sure to check out Ww and get some laps in on the trails!

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