Oct 01 2014

The Very Last #NewEnglandJamChowda: Part #1

Where to begin?
New England: Dialed.
New England Bike shops: Dialed.
The New England scene: Extra Dialed.

Thanks to Chuck at The Daily Grind in Danielson, CT. for putting this Get-Together/Jam into action.
I don’t recall having this much fun at a bmx event in a very long time.
The amount of effort, the amount of support, the overall sense of inclusion and positivity was infective.
We hate to see it go.

Thanks to everyone who came together and made this happen…RIP.
Looking forward to Chuck’s next event endeavor, and really looking forward to visiting all of our old and new friends alike in New England this Spring.
All pics by Matt Coplon.

Chuck and Daryl Nau. Closing ceremonies.

Darly Nau: Frame grab manual.

Degroot: Backwards decade.

Degroot: Warming up early morning.

I believe this was Boston Shawn? Hang Nothing?

Jack Hartje: We love this dude. Tabe on a make shift tree quarter.

Jason Kiser: Icee at 10am.

Chowda chaos at high noon.

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Sep 30 2014

Profile Cali. Shop Tour: Stacked Stop

Profile Cali. Shop Tour: Stacked Stop.

A couple weeks ago, Larry Alvarado and the Stacked Crew organized a street ride around downtown Riverside while we were in town.
We basically did a loop around the city and covered about 6 miles of street spots with a pretty massive crew of riders.
Seriously good times.

Thanks to them for having us swing by. Looking forward to the next visit!
Here’s a cache of pics I put together as well as an edit Larry Alvarado finished last week.
Enjoy and support your local shop!

-Matt Coplon

Carlos Garcia: Bunny Hop Suicide off a grind ledge

Jacob Lockman has a pretty effortless style. Quick manual 180 in the dark.

Johny Kilmer: Not Val Kilmer’s brother, Val couldn’t do fast plants to tabes this good.

Larry Alvarado: The Man behind the Plan.

Mark Mulville: T-Bog Fakie at Dusk.

Ricky Moseley: Lawnmover followed up by a side ice to fakie.

Stacked. Boutique style at its finest. Support your local shop.

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Sep 26 2014

Ricky Moseley: Cali wareabouts…..

Hey guys and gals i was just gonna give a quick update on whats been going on! basically in short words i’ve scored a Booth as a Vendor at the Huntington Beach Surf City Nights Street Fair its a huge event that happens every tuesday from 5-9pm in downtown Huntington Beach so i have been selling all my Wave Photography stuff on key chains,phone cases,magnets,metal prints,canvas prints and more items to come so thats taken up a lot of my time but heres a shot of my booth if u have a chance Hit me up on instagram @rickyshoots and cruise down to the booth and say whats up! and now it tis the show season i’ve not really had a slow summer i have done loads of shows all summer but now is school show season and its looking to be a good one! so lots of shows to come and riding in between gonna be a busy last part of the year for me anyways heres so shots as of recent hope everyone is good talk soon

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