Jul 28 2016

Chad Degroot: Profile X Deco Jackpot Complete.

Fresh rig build from Papa Degroot.
The candy red, red rims, and black accents make this whip such a dialer.

Dig into it here:

Deco Jackpot Frame 18.9TT

Deco FuForks 15mm Rake

Deco 9″ Genius Bars

Profile Race Cranks 175mm, all chromo

Profile 25t 19mm spline sprocket

Profile ZCoaster RHD 14mm GDH 9t Chromo with 45 degree slack
W/ Sun Envy Rim

Profile Mini Front w/ 3/8 bolts
W/ Sun Envy Rim

Profile Push Stem 48mm with titanium bolts

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Jul 27 2016

Country Bikes Redneck Jam

One of our friends, Felix “Fexer” Boehm that always visits our shop came in about a year ago and told us that they convinced their sports club in the east of Munich, Germany to create a BMX / MTB dirtpark area.

They started building it with full support of that sports club that mostly takes care of soccer. All the people there helped and not even a half a year later the whole thing was done (with fences , trees and all the stuff you need to do if you wanna do anything in Germany).

So the idea of a jam as a grand opening was born. Marcel Berger, an MTB guy, was the head of building all the jumps and he and his buddies did a great job !

Thanks to Torsten Pawelczyk for taking care of a lot of things for this event.

I can only tell you how happy it made me to see so many people working and networking to get something like this done! Thanks to everybody that helped make this possible !!!

- Torsten Pullich -

Best Trick :

1. Tobi Engelmann (720 cork , MTB)

2. Emanuel “E” Maier (Indian Fingerflip, BMX)

3. Marcel Berger (Flipwhip , MTB)

Pumptrack :

Men :
1. Tobi Engelmann

2. Marcel Berger

3. Rainer Wesner

Women :
1.Kathy Kypers

2. Louisa Horner

3.Larissa Siess

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Jul 25 2016

Profile X DIG DIY Documentary Series Episode #4

Over the course of several sessions, we did our best to document one of the most unique DIY setups in the state of Florida.
Coming out of urban legend, on each visit the Slaughterhouse slowly revealed itself: On our final session we interviewed a squatter living in one of several compartmentalized rooms, honey-combed into this century old warehouse. From his stories, we had finally gotten the true history of the dilapidated old building…and then two weeks later, the Slaughterhouse burnt to the ground.

This is a celebration and memorial to the SL, Profile’s 4th DIY documentary for the 2016 series.
Thanks to @deadbentbmx @oldirtybrad @benmeyer85 for the hospitality.
And to Mike Waling for creating, what will forever remain, an Urban, DIY legend.

Profile riders include @kentpearsonbmx @markmulville, and @chaddegroot.


Filmed and edited by @matt_coplon

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Jul 20 2016

ZCoaster: FAQ’s and Tech Tips.

One thing that we’ve learned from rider input is that comparative to other Freecoasters, the Zcoaster is a pretty simple mechanism that calls for minimal maintenance.
Unless there is a malfunction inside the hub, the best recommendation for maintenance is to not take it apart.

We got together with both our original tester/current rider (Chad Degroot) and our main hub builder here at the shop to cover ZCoaster FAQ’s and Tech Tips.

If you have any further questions, please contact shane@profileracing.com

General Tech Tips/Maintenance.

-The ZCoaster functions more like a cassette hub than a freecoaster when it comes to lubrication. DO NOT apply grease to the driver: Grease in the pawl pockets will prevent the springs/pawls from reflexing.
There is oftentimes a break in period with the ZCoaster: If grease weeps from the bearings into the driver (possibly caused by new usage and or a change in temperature), we recommend cleaning it out with a dry rag.
We do, however, recommend using clear lube (Like Mobil One) on the pawl pocket.

-Make sure the jam nuts are tight. We’ve noticed that loosening of the jam nuts can be caused by taking your wheel off and on and also by the rotation of a hub guard on the nut.
The jam nuts must be tight for the ZCoaster mechanism to work properly.

-Make sure you have good spring tension. The easiest way to increase tension is to remove all driver parts (see the “how to” at the bottom of this article), and flex the spring backwards against the spring pocket.

-Don’t make the assumption that it is not working correctly in your hand. Always bolt it into the frame for proper usage.

-To figure out which slack ring you need, here are some quick videos for reference:
-20/33/45 degree slack ring:

**Note: For most riding styles, 20 and 33 degree slack will not be enough considering the riders feet shift when coasting and or carving transitions. These minimal slack options make the ZCoaster much more like a cassette hub.
-60 degree slack ring:

- 75 degree slack ring:

-90 degree slack ring:

ZCoaster Driver removal:

1. Loosen Jam nut on the drive side.
2. Pull driver out and over the 14mm axle

3. Pull flat spring spacer out of the driver
4. Place a flat head screwdriver underneath lip of the retaining ring
5. Pry retaining ring out and up and then wind off of driver
6. Place screwdriver underneath Zpawl and pry upwards
7. Once pawl is removed, flex spring backwards (slightly) against the spring pocket
ZCoaster Driver reinstall:
8. Replace spings and Zpawls. Use screwdriver to flex spring back underneath the pawl, then push down on pawl
9. Use retaining ring tool to replace the retaining ring
10. Replace slack cam ring and spring.
11. Slider driver over axle and tighten drive side jam nut.

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