Apr 15 2014

Ricky Moseley and the Boozer Jam

The 2nd annual Mike “boozer” Brown Jam at sheep hills was this past Sunday. There were a ton of riders there from old skool to mid skool to new skool it’s been running good at sheep since the rains came and all the locals have been keeping them groomed for this jam to help raise support for Boozer. Riders included Shaun Butler, Hucker, Kris Fox, Alan Foster, Victor Salazar, Alex Landeros, Danny Josa and many more. Here’s a few shots I got of me from Bryan Decker. Stoked I ended up pulling some different 180 combos over the jump called “Tits.” Thanks to everyone who helped out and made it happen!

180 tuck no-hander

180 tailwhip

360 table

Indian air in Alex Landeros face (:

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Apr 14 2014

Profile Saber Sprockets: Now Available

The Profile “Saber” is a unique sprocket that takes a universal adapter insert making it work with both 19mm and 22mm bolt on and splined driven cranks.

Here’s how it works:

A. Choose a Saber sprocket

-Options for freestyle: 25, 28, 30, 33t in 1/8 inch teeth, black only.
-Options for Race: 36 through 45t in 3/32, black only.
***The race versions do not have extra spider bolt holes and will only work with the 19mm and 22mm Spline Drive Inserts.

B. Choose a Saber insert

-19mm Bolt Drive
-19mm Spline Drive
-22mm Bolt Drive
-22mm Spline drive

–Made from 7075 aluminum
–Laser etched finish
–Black only

Available Now!

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Apr 11 2014

Profile’s CRANK IT! Contest

Here at Profile, we get quite a few emails asking for advice on what cranks would work best for a rider’s application. It’s sometimes a difficult decision considering we make 5 different style cranks arms, in 10 different crank arm lengths, with 2 different size spindle options.

When recommending cranks, we usually ask the rider what style riding they do, their size and weight. Each of these factors can contribute to what might work best for them. To go further, we usually site what our rider’s current set-ups entail.

So, to visualize what each of our riders’ prefer, here’s a contest to match up:

1. The Rider’s Crank Photo (ex. A, B, C, etc.) with
2. the Crank Arm Style and Size (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Answers should look like (letter – number) M-12

Please send your entries to me, matt @ profileracing.com (no spaces).
The deadline is Friday, April 18th at 4PM (Eastern Time). Only one entry per person please.

All correct entries will be put into a pool, and the one randomly selected will win our newly released Saber Sprocket.

The Profile Sabre sprocket is designed to take a press piece that will adapt it to any 19mm (spline drive or bolt on) or 22mm (spline drive or bolt on) 48-splined spindle.

Thanks for the support and good luck. Now click on the crank collage to get started.


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Apr 10 2014

Mulville in Albuquerque

Another success at good times on the Subrosa Albuquerque, New Mexico team trip!
ABQ had way too many good spots that it would take you weeks and weeks to hit even half of them….
We rode crazy ditches, parks and loads of wild street set ups.
Riding wise, my trip was short since I fell the first day and couldn’t ride for like 5 days… But even riding only half the trip I still got to cruise so many amazing things!
Besides riding, we took a trip up in the mountains to the hot springs in jemez Indian reservation. It was super cool because on the climb up to the springs, it started snowing, so we were definitely looking forward to heating up in the hot water.
Over all (even with getting hurt) it was such a rad time!
Here’s a few photos from various people during the good times.

My house – Kyle hart

Mountain view hip tuck – Johnny ice

Full pip carve photo – Austin bonner

Sunset silhouette – Wes McGrath

Look back double ditch – Kyle hart

Team shot – Ryan Sher

Ditch wall ride – Kyle hart

Mountain ride view – hoang tran

Heading to the hot springs after a snow storm- Hoang Tran

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