Jun 21 2016

Profile’s Cruisin’ Carolina edit.

“Jeff Klugiewicz and Grant Castelluzzo flew to meet up with Zach Rogers in his hometown of Charlotte, NC for 5 days of shredding in the South. Dillon and Shane Leeper made the drive down from Richmond VA and the crew was assembled. It was surprisingly cold for the South in spring but the whole crew pushed through it and enjoyed all of the amazing spots that Charlotte and the surrounding area had to offer. A huge thanks to Zach Rogers and Pill Jones for the amazing hospitality and for the incredible spot tour of one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.”

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Jun 20 2016

Erwan Perelman: Rig Check

Our French connect, Erwan Perelman, just built himself a new rig.
Dialed to say the least.

Here are the specs…
Fise photo by @edgerider

Profile Racing Push Stem 48mm
Profile LHD ZCoaster with matching Elite Front 75 degree slack
Profile 22mm Column Cranks 170mm
Galaxy 22mm Sprocket 30t

Thanks for the support, Erwan!

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Jun 15 2016

Native/Profile Leather Seats back in stock!

Hand made by James Covington at Native BMX.
Here’s the latest batch of what we have in stock.
Each batch changes in color and design, what you see here is exactly what we have in stock.
Thanks for the support.

A. Red/Tan
B. Green/Tan and White
C. Blue/Tan
D. Light Tan/Teal
E. Black/Gold
F. Black/Red
G. Green/Tan and Gold
H. Water Camo/Teal

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Jun 09 2016

Konstantin Chernov: Rig Check.

Our Russian connect: Konstantin Chernov’s rig check (and car check) in photos.

Thanks for the support!

Profile Mini Front Hub

Profile ZCoaster

Profile Race Cranks 19mm

Profile Imperial 25t

Madera Mast stem 36mm

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