Nov 25 2015

Ricky Moseley: Beached.

Doing Shows is so much fun seeing kids smile! but doing shows on the Beach in Newport Beach California is a real treat. And when I say on the beach, I mean ON THE BEACH. Check out these sweet shots for our new 2016 Poster!
Photo Credit Chandler Dunn

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Nov 23 2015

Profile Racing / FBM Collab Hubs in the Factory.

FBM / Profile Collab hubs on the assembly table today.
Hand building and shipping to Last call Distro here shortly.
We’re stoked to be collaborating with FBM: Our friends, and fellow manufacturers making product here in the USA.
Contact your local shop for availability.

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Nov 22 2015

Ilya Ponomarev: 58 seconds Solo.

Ilya Ponomarev, our Russian connect: 58 seconds solo. Full edit up on our Youtube Channel care of @divan_films.

Real siked on this. Thanks to Ilya for the support.

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