Feb 27 2015

Saavedra: February comes to and end.

After months of recovery and over 500 miles in counting on the FairDale my leg is feeling good. I still have a few more months to go before I’ll be back on my bike but I can feel it getting closer.

Luke has been a bit home sick, but all that will change soon.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a small group of close friends on a camping trip to Santa Ynez. The two mile hike up the canyon was a good measure of just how far my leg has come. The abundance of beauty this place had to offer was unreal.

The view from my bedroom window

Above the clouds taking it all in.


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Feb 25 2015

Degroot: Z-Coaster sessions in Longwood.

Leif Valin inspired pivot to start this link. Added pivot, switch foot then scoot pumps and a x foot to backwards mannie to land it, but a bars out to end it. Love it all, still inspired… -Chad DeGroot

Riding the sample Tsutomu Kitayama JACKPOT signature frame and loving it. More info soon. And that Profile Z Coaster at its best #profileZcoaster
Full video on youtube channel decobmx09 so check it out.

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Feb 24 2015

Jared Eberwein: Belated communion with a Florida Winter.

“When Matt Coplon invited me to go out to florida for profile trip two years ago, he was pushing for me to get out there in the winter time. I had my heart set on experiencing a florida winter, the trip ended up getting pushed back to April. Which was still good, but a bit humid, and not legitimately a florida winter. Didn’t make the trip any less awesome then it was, but the following year was my goal to get out to florida during the winter. The flight was bought months in advanced, then I ended up falling a couple months before, which was my bad ACL injury of last year. I was healing up, and making plans to reuse my plane ticket that I had to abort on the previous year. I set the trip for early Feb this year, and I made it to the date ready to ride. I just got back from florida on my week long trip, the florida winter is awesome, but I learned that I’m fortunate enough to live in a location (SoCal) where I too get to experience awesome weather. It was great to get back out to Florida, and revisit everyone from my previous trip two years ago. I got to spend a couple days at the Profile location, hung out for a couple days, visited with the crew behind the scenes. Saw some new things going on that will be revealed later this year, and even learned a thing or two. Aside from the visiting side of things, I had a week of riding everyday, new spots, new parks, private places, and endless street spots that Matt Coplon puts time into hunting for. Even on somedays when Matt was a bit busy, a new friend of mine, Spencer was kind enough to pick me up and take me around town, thank you. Tons of riding, wore my pads so much that my legs got a bit rubbed raw, that sucked! I put in a good beach day towards the end of my trip, never went on the beach in Florida, nor went in the ocean. I hung out on the beach for a while, then made myself get in the water just because I was there. It was cold and I didn’t want to, but I had to haha. I was lucky enough to have a few perfect vegan meals, prepared by Matt’s lovely wife, Cat-Woman. One of my most fun moments could have been easily over looked I believe, but to me it was perfect. After spending the day at the Profile mothership with Matt for the day, we headed home towards Matt’s house, and stopped to pedal around some downtown neighborhoods of Tampa. Matt forgot his camera, but I had a Sony Action Cam that cam in real handy for documenting our fun pedal around town. Matt took me to a rail hop at an abandon house, which he hadn’t done yet, because he was by himself when he found it, and wanted someone there with him once he decided to hop it, so he shared that experience with me. We figured a way out to train the hop together. Matt said there was another rail about down the way, then it became, how many can we fit in before the suns gone. We were able to get three rail hops in, all before the sun had set. It was a little goal we set, we achieved it, and I had the time of my life doing so. Really made me feel good in general, so much fun to be had still when it comes to my bike.”

Had to ride downtown in sweats and a tank top because I forgot my clothes luggage at the airport.

Downside whip at the fowler ditch.

New cement at the SPoT skatepark

Rail ride to whip at the Sarasota park.

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Feb 18 2015

Chad DeGroot Darkside whip DECOBMX

Chad DeGroot hits you with another DARKSIDE. This time with a backwheel to step double foot on the stem whip style. Starts with a inside pump then darkside whips to around the world roll out. “My left hand is so bruised on the palm which made this trick even harder but I was bent on pulling this link. So the reaction once I pull it is to raise my left hand and swing it. Hand is going to be sore for a few weeks but worth it. It’s a great day today…” –Chad D

Chad DeGroot Darkside whip DECOBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Frame shown is the sample Tsutomu “STORM” Kitayama JACKPOT frame in which will be out by Summer 2015. Clean design, great angles, so tight, and so much work put into this. Just wait for the final in 3 amazing colors. #decobmx @chaddegroot @decobmx @profileracing More info on this frame and other fine DecoBMX products go to

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