Feb 10 2016

Phil Aller. The Rum Life. Timeless in Morocco.

A while back Steve Bancroft and myself took a trip to Morocco to meet our friends who were spending the winter living in vans on the beech in Taghazout.
We spent a week camping on waste land, eating from tagines, watching our friends surf, building a dirt quarter and riding the harsh terrain of Taghazout to Agadir.
This was a rad trip and i’m stoked it happened.
Thanks to our friends for lending us tents and making us feel welcome.

TIMELESS from Phil Aller on Vimeo.

Cheers, Phil Aller
Photography by Steve Bancroft
Filmed by Phil Aller
Additional filming Aron Leah
Edited by Phil Aller
Music: EMA The Grey Ship

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Feb 08 2016

North of NOLA: Degroot + Adams

2-1/2 days zig-zagging across the Louisiana triangle: NOLA, Hammond, and Baton Rouge with Chad Degroot and Terry Adams.
Chad mixes up flat with street style, and Terry connects some wild links aboard the Profile Z Coaster.

Thanks to Terry and Vanessa for the hospitality, Scott O-Brien and Ooti for the NOLA tour guiding.
Filmed and edit by Matt Coplon.

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Feb 05 2016

Jeff Klugiewicz. January. Milwaukee.

Well its winter out here in Milwaukee and I have been riding indoors a good amount. Luckily I have a lot of good friends who still ride bikes! I met up with Luke Mouradian a few times to shoot some photos. This first one is me doing a Toboggan at Rays Bike Park.
The second is from where I spend most of my time 4 Seasons Skatepark, Love that place! If you are ever in the Milwaukee Area Make sure you check out the 4Seasons!
On the 19th of this month I am heading back to Cali! Cant wait to take as much of the sun in as I can! Heres a Throwback to my last Cali trip. I will be updating while I’m out in Cali, follow me on instagram! @jklugiewicz

Jeff K.

Top two photos by Luke Mouradian
Bottom photo by Nick Steben

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