Sep 17 2014

Jeff K. in the CO.

Just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado. Rode lots of bikes, shot some guns, and sat under the stars and enjoyed the view!
We headed up Friday afternoon and stopped at a park in Frisco, We rode as long as we could until we got rained out. Jordan Stump shot this photo

We left the rain and headed to a park in Leadville and i shot this barspin of Chris Cutright at the amazing park there.

After camping all night we went to some full pipes in the middle of the mountains.

Here I’m carving the full pipe. Thanks again to RobD for snapping a quick picture.
Such a great time, thanks to everyone who shared these amazing places with us!

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Sep 15 2014

Dillon Leeper Checks In

This weekend kicked a ton of ass. Spent Saturday with my lovely lady in the mountains of Charlottesville at Crabtree Falls. Crabtree Falls is one of the highest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. Spent the day site seeing, hiking to the top of the falls, had a good time. After spending the day in the mountains we made our way back to Richmond and ended the day hanging out with some friends. Ended the weekend riding around town with Doug Fines, Garrett Anderson, Logan Heiman, and Scott Bartley. Shot some fun photos today. Hope you guys enjoy! -Dillon
All Photos by Doug Fines unless indicated.

Doug Fines by Dillon Leeper

Doug Fines luc-e t-bog by Dillon Leeper

Grant Anderson 180 lookback by Dillon Leeper

Doug Fines icepick by Dillon Leeper

Doug Fines by Dillon Leeper

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Sep 08 2014

La Source trails festival part one

Words cannot describe the la source trail jam in the south of France. This year we celebrated their 10th anniversary. With heavy crews from all around the world. It was more like a trail festival then a jam. 3 days of non stop partying riding and laughing ! This is BMX ! I can’t thank Jeremy Muller enough for putting this all together and making it happen 10 years in a row! Your the man!
On behalf of the international trails community, I want to say thank you!

Vince Perraud had a all trails gallery at the festival. It was such an honor to have BlueBench featured.

Vince has no problem finding the natural beauty in the woods.

This is just as things started to kick off Saturday night at the la source bar.

Morning yoga classes at the trails led by Pete Taliadoros

Pete also happens to be a 5 start chef!

It’s not France without fresh-baked bread and a custom trails knife.

In between swimming laughing and eating I managed to sneak a couple runs in!

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