May 28 2015

Mulville on Memorial Day

I made sure to spend this Memorial Day weekend the right way….On my bike (almost the whole time)!
I started it off Friday, heading 45 minutes away to my old hometown and to the Middle School (Bayonet Point Middle School) I attended 17 years ago, to do bmx shows with Jon Dowker, Kyle Kelsey and the Freestyle Connection.
The shows went super awesome and kids were extremely stoked to be there. It was cool because the kids who were allowed to attend the show, were kids who had perfect attendance and no referrals the whole school year.. Being a positive person pays off!

The next day (Saturday) was one for the books! I went out riding with Matt Coplon for at least 8 hours to help him film for his 38th birthday edit all around Tampa!
Matt killed it at every spot the entire day! It was awesome to be there riding with him and witness/film the goodies go down!
During our session, we stopped at a staple Tampa street spot where this little kid in flip flops came over and asked me to jump my bike off the carved out dirt jump in the hill… I gave it to him expecting to see nothing but a fall, but the kid launched it with some actual style and control! It was super awesome! Hopefully he gets a bmx for himself now.

Sunday was a little more relaxed, with a local morning cruise around town and then ending up at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Which I didn’t even know existed. It was pretty cool hiking and checking out alligators and other wildlife while looking off and seeing Downtown St Pete in the background. Somehow always finding new places to enjoy and explore in this area!

Monday was the most relaxed of all the days for sure! your typical Memorial Day festivities: BBQ, Beach, Friends and fun!

Thanks for everyone involved in my weekend adventures and happy birthday to long time friend/co worker Matt Coplon

Mark M.

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May 27 2015

Moseley in Hawaii: The continuation.

Hey guys…here’s a few more Hawaii photos for ya’ll to check out. I miss and hope everyone has a chance one day to go ride there. It’s so fun and so laid back…hope everyone had a great Memorial Day this past week? It was a fun one here is sunny Southern California. Have a great week everyone!

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May 26 2015

Matt Coplon. 38 years on earth. 8 hours in Tampa.

On the cusp of my 38th birthday, I asked Mark Mulville to help film a full day’s session in Tampa.
Each week, on Sunday, I wake up at 7am, am out the door by 9am, and am usually riding no later than half past.
It’s become a ritual.
On turning 38, as it was the same when I was 13, bmx remains therapeutic. Most of the time, in its simplest form: pedaling through the streets away from the grind of the day to day.
To celebrate those coveted hours pedaling through Tampa, I thought it’d be a challenge to make it a full 8 hour session (in 85% humidity and at 95 degrees, you have to take what you get this time of year) and document everything worth grabbing.
What’s left are the clips I was most stoked on. Nothing ground breaking…just a representation of what I look forward to come every Sunday.
Thanks to Mark Mulville for his help with this project. Thanks to Profile Racing, Chad Degroot and Deco Bmx, Etnies, Adi and Folklore Brand, and the Skatepark of Tampa for their continued support.
To another year of pedaling in Tampa Bay.
Thank you for watching.
-Matt Coplon

Matt Coplon. May 25th. 8 Hours in Tampa. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.

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May 19 2015

Glenn Salyers in 2015.

Not sure we can conjure up the words for this.
That’s probably the closest adjective.
Watch this asap and get really, really stoked.

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May 18 2015

Tyler Gilliard: Farewell.

On behalf of all of us here at Profile Racing, we want to thank Tyler Gilliard for years of support.
On parting ways, we wish him good luck in the future and godspeed in his pursuit of the incredible art of flat.

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May 15 2015

Jared Eberwein’s Cotton Candy is back!

For our third limited run for 2015, we are re-releasing Jared Eberwein’s original Cotton Candy color way.

Available Today!

We want to thank Jared for years of support. Always a pleasure to travel with, always shredding with a smile…seriously stoked to have him on board.

Available in both RHD and LHD Mini and Elite hubs.

Grab a set before they’re gone.

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May 14 2015

Mulville’s Perfect Weekend.

A few of my favorite things in life include:
Bmx, bbq’s, beaches and friends! This weekend included all of the above from start to finish!
Saturday I headed up the road to my friends place to ride and bbq with a bunch of pals in their backyard. It was a super chill session that everyone was just excited to be a part of. The only bad was the possibility of the host maybe breaking his foot… But even after that, we all still hung out together and goofed off.
Sunday was also in no way upsetting! My buddy Charlie Colvin met me out at my favorite local beach to chill and ride a bit of the beachside obstacles.
We cruised some palm trees, curbs and white sands, as well as explored the the areas natural beauty!
All in all, this was a perfect weekend at home!

-Mark Mulville

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May 13 2015

Profile Elite Rear Hub: Exploded image.

Ever wonder what order your Elite Internals go in?
We hope this exploded image helps.
If you have any further questions, feel free to hit up our tech dept.

A. Bolt and Washer
B. Drive side Cone (3/8) or Drive side jam nut (14mm)
C. Non drive cone (3/8) or Non drive jam nut (14mm)
D. Driver Shim
E. Hub Body Bearing
F. Driver
G. Inner 3/8 axle or 14mm axle
H. Hub Shell

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May 12 2015

Mark Mulville + Matt Coplon: War Party.

Both Mark and I have been on board with Profile for over 15 years at this point.
We work together. Mark handles all of our social media, and I handle the team and much of the shop’s day to day sales duties.
We travel together.
We ride a lot together off the clock.
And we somehow manage to stay close friends after being in close proximity for a good portion of each day.
These clips were filmed over the past 6 months. Most of it after work: each of us taking turns behind the camera. And a good portion of it on solo sessions with a tri-pod.
To good friends and good times.
It’s been a hell of a run, here’s to another 15.

Subsequent filming by Grant Castelluzzo, Dan Orroyo, Travis Reavis, and Steve Caro.

Song: “War Party” by Floor.

Edited by Matt Coplon

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May 11 2015

Jared Eberwein. AZ. FA. And beyond.

I’ve taken over the duties of TM for the FreeAgent program this year, I was really hesitant about it, just kind of scared me because of the new responsibilities. I’m learning its not so bad one I just set my mind to it, and just do it. Shortly after I took the TM job over, I was trying to make plans for the year. One of which was to do some kind of road trip with the team, I planned a small 5 day trip in AZ, just because I have family and friends that live out there, and they definitely helped make the trip affordable. Fortunate enough to have Chris Arriaga not only join the trip to shot for BMXPlus! but have the pleasure of watching him shred and kill every stop we rode with his unique style. It was most of the main team on board, Chris Rivers, Dan Quinn, and myself. Andrew Lazaruk was set to join in on the fun, but due to his visa not being processed in time, he wasn’t able to make the trip. Made a bit of changes to a rental situation because we had one less person, we were able to down size a bit. Starting the trip by riding some stuff on our way out of California, stopped at a awesome pool that was a mission to get to, but well worth it. The ride down the hill that we hiked to get to the pool was so rocky and intense, most of us couldn’t open our hands by the time we reached the bottom. Hitting a couple of the Palm Springs skateparks on our way to AZ, getting us to my grandparents place late that night. The next couple of days were base around riding central AZ, riding an amazing new dirt park, called the Desert Trails Park. Massive curved white walls at Dick Van Dyke’s old house, that were used for filming for shows, which took place at his house often. The walls still stand tall and strong, crazy spot. Staying with the Tellez family which I met year ago, riding there empty pool, and old weathered ramp that I rode when I was probably 16. Then the plan was to move on the Lake Havasu City, to ride the new huge skatepark thats right next to the water. Really cool park and scenery, the park has pretty much anything you could be in the mood for with riding. Unfortunately our 5 day trip seem to be based around the 5 hottest days that AZ has had in a while, then shortly cooled off once our trip was done. All in all we all made the most of the trip and rode through the heat, drank tons of water, and had plenty of good times. Excited with how the trip turned out, and can’t wait for the next one, wherever that might be”

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