Oct 22 2014

Degroot: Never enough time in Hawaii.

Being halfway across the world in the best place ever Hawaii and in Kona on the Big Island is truly amazing but to dumb it down due to a hurricane coming our way. Not sure what to think but were here to do a show and with a surprise guest of Sir Elton John this should be rad bringing BMX to yet another side of society in a great and entertaining way. This is all happening while I really should be at Texas Toast accepting award for best video but I am sure HOLY FIT or Markit will take it. Got to make moves and take it as it comes my way and Hawaii is not a problem saying YES to. With this said Flatark is next week and if you know the globe after this hurricane hits Hawaii and I get out, not sure when, then it will be going towards Japan which I will be at for a week right near this time to. Wish I had a crystal ball to tell me the future. But after all the hype it just brushed us as Hurricane Ana as a category 1 and we were lucky enough that it passed and we flew out. But now is it going to hit Japan as I am off to there next almost like a storm chaser. Well lets get into the paradise on bikes in Hawaii. We had a crew of 16 total with break dancers and more to do this show for Oracle executives. We packed into a 15 passenger van with 4 bikes, do the math, but it didn’t matter cause were on the Big Island. With over 30 hours of planning and rehearsals to ride for just a few minutes it was refreshing to be done. In the end Elton John played on the beach the night before the scheduled appearance so we never met him in person but did listen to 17 songs on the beach. They wanted the concert to go on before the hurricane hit so plans got changed. -Chad D

Packed 16 people and 4 bikes in a 15 passenger van.

Hurricane Ana approaching and making the sky look nuts.

Oracle Executives loving bike riding.

Sea turtles can be seen everywhere along with dolphins and exotic fish.

Every sunset was a post card.

Found a wooden platform on the beach with a great view of the mountains which had snow on them and near a live volcano.

Pose on the beach wearing the wing P tee and loving this little platform.

The whole crew got together after the show…its a wrap.

Scott Weaver and me the first morning paddling out to try and surf and enjoy the beach with snorkeling and seeing the wildest color fish.

Any selfie is a good selfie in Hawaii.

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Oct 21 2014

Mulville Print Advert: New issue of Bmx Plus!

Taken from our Escape Park tour this winter, real stoked on this pic of Mulville from South Florida.
This was in February, note the shorts and less a shirt.
Florida in winter is dialed, keep that in mind this winter when traveling.
Good times in the sunshine state.

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Oct 20 2014

Degroot in Lovecraft’s Providence.

Growing up, somehow I got hooked into a single author in a genre of Literature that I really found no interest in: Horror.
HP Lovecraft was that author. And after submersing myself into his pretty large catalogue of writings, I realized that his influence spread well into the punk, metal, and gaming scenes (to name a very few of those sub-cultures effected). The connection here (as I was heavy into punk and metal), made me even more fascinated as to why so many people found interest in his literary mythos. Dark, elaborate, and the first of its kind in American writing, Lovecrafian lit can easily haunt you.

On our recent trip to Providence, I set out on a self guided walking tour (which I hadn’t done in about 4 years), but this time with Chad Degroot in hopes to take some scenic riding shots incorporating Lovecraft’s stomping grounds.
Here’s a little history to go along with the pics. Pick up a copy of some Lovecraft stories (preferably anything connected to his Chthulu mythos): You won’t be let down.

-Matt Coplon

This photo has nothing to do with Lovecraft. But it is ship hull sunk into the soil: proving grounds for perfect scenic pics.

Peg Decade link in front of the Benjamin Cushing House. This house was incorporated into Lovecraft’s shot: The Shunned House. The Cushing House is also the oldest abode on Providence’s College Hill.

In front of the Providence Superior Courthouse is this obelisk which is right next to the Market House as depicted in Lovecraft’s story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.
Degroot Darksides the scenery here.

The first Baptist Meeting House: This is the very first Baptist Church in the US christened in 1775. It also has a creepy persona in the narrative of Lovecraft’s Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Fleur de Lys Studio. This house was built by Providence artist Sydney Richmond Burleigh, and was given as the home of artist Henry Anthony Wilcox in “The Call of Cthulhu.”

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Oct 17 2014

Profile Stock Mini Wheels Now Available!

Profile Teamed up with Sun Rims and Deco to offer these new stock wheels built here in our Machine Shop.
Available Now!

Here are the specs:

The Profile Stock Mini Front Wheel is hand built here in the Profile factory.
With your choice of hub color, the Mini Front Wheel comes stock with:

-Deco 14 gauge steel spokes in black
-Deco Aluminum Nipples in black
-Deco Rim strip
-Sun Envy rim in black

Weight of complete wheel: 859g/29.9oz/1.86lbs

The Profile Stock Mini Cassette Rear Wheel is hand built here in the Profile factory.
With your choice of hub color, the Mini Rear Wheel comes stock with:

-Deco 14 gauge steel spokes in black
-Deco Aluminum Nipples in black
-Deco Rim strip
-Sun Big Baller rim in black
-14mm GDH Hollow Chromo Axle
-9t chromo driver

Weight of complete wheel: 1210g/41.65oz/2.6lbs

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Oct 15 2014

Ricky Moseley in Raiderville.

This past weekend was a real treat got to perform In front of 15-20,000 people at the Oakland Raiders Stadium one show of front in Raiderville and one inside for the Halftime Show pretty crazy to perform as a halftime act at a big football game like this one considering the acts whom performed for the last 30 years or so of halftime shows and to think we were honored to be out there riding and show casing our talent to the onlooking raider fans! anyways good vides with Dustin,Jared,Nick and Jason heres some photos and a video soon to come of the halftime show! all shot on GoPro Time Lapse Mode!

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Oct 14 2014

Mulville: Grapefruit Session.

Another good day in the woods, digging and riding!
Some days I just wanna go to the trails and only dig even when the jumps are running to perfection.
So that was my plan the other day… But after about 4-5 hours digging, it just felt like time to ride.
So we had a good little 45 min session cruising the jumps before hunger struck and the session ended.
Here’s a few shots from the day

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Oct 13 2014

Video Montage Monday:

Filmed and edited by Profile TM: Matt Coplon
Sessions during week #9 at Woodward east during the summer of 2014.
Clips of Mark Mulville, Ricky Moseley, Dillon Leeper, and Matt Coplon.
Enjoy! Thanks to Woodward Camp for the hospitality!

Profile Racing: Woodward Week: Summer 2014 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Heresy: Beneath with Alexis Desolneux and Sebastian Grubinger. This is absolutely dialed. Thanks to Heresy for the support!


Dan Sieg: Self filmed, self edited mix covering the course of the summer. Dialed.

Spring/Summer 2014 from dan sieg on Vimeo.

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Oct 08 2014

Jeff K.: Fall Update.

Ive been riding a ton this past month, recently decided to take the pegs off for a bit to change things up and have been having a blast!
Heres a few pics and a video from last weekend.

The first Grant C that Doing a table i took at a super fun transition spot that i always forget about!

Mike shot this photo of me doing a gap to wall ride during the same session.

Also check this video to see the footage from this wall ride along with a wall ride at another very fun spot!

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Oct 06 2014

Saavedra and the La Source Jam.

The festivities at La Source rage long into the early morning hours. With such heavy crews from all different parts of the world, its easy to see how. One of the few times a year the entire international shovel connection comes together in one place. Its truly an honor to be a part of. Its so good to see the woods are alive and thriving in the South of France!
I had ran into Vincent Perraud the night of the party and made plans to try and shoot the next morning at the trails. With the lines well ridden in, the blue grooves path the way. Well once I rolled one or two people out of the flat bottoms. The follow photos are just a sample of the morning after session. Check Vincents sweet photo gallery up on DIGBMX.com for some rad shoots!

This was my home for the duration of the festival. Prime real estate.

Tim Weekey shown here having a siesta is next level human being.

Huge thanks to Blain Mazzetti for the photo of me mid nac seat grab in one of the never ending trains.

One of the best photographers in the game. Hipster Vincent Perraud. His all trails gallery at the jam took photographing the woods to a whole new level.

One of my favorite maneuvers, drakside tabe. Check out more of Vincents work on the new DIGBMX.com

Only better feeling then getting barreled at the trails is doing it mid train with some of your best buds. Mid hip flip as I chase Pete Taliadoros through the woods. Thanks to Vincent for the photo

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