Feb 05 2016

Jeff Klugiewicz. January. Milwaukee.

Well its winter out here in Milwaukee and I have been riding indoors a good amount. Luckily I have a lot of good friends who still ride bikes! I met up with Luke Mouradian a few times to shoot some photos. This first one is me doing a Toboggan at Rays Bike Park.
The second is from where I spend most of my time 4 Seasons Skatepark, Love that place! If you are ever in the Milwaukee Area Make sure you check out the 4Seasons!
On the 19th of this month I am heading back to Cali! Cant wait to take as much of the sun in as I can! Heres a Throwback to my last Cali trip. I will be updating while I’m out in Cali, follow me on instagram! @jklugiewicz

Jeff K.

Top two photos by Luke Mouradian
Bottom photo by Nick Steben

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Feb 04 2016

AFA Stop #1: Longwood Florida.

March 26th. All day. Longwood, Florida. The first first stop of the AFA series is right here in our own backyard. Profile is a proud sponsor.
See you there?

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Feb 03 2016

Mulville: Palms in Paradise.

One of my favorite things to ride is palm trees.
They all differ from each other and they are typically located in a
beautiful tropical setting.

On Saturday, January 30th, 2016. I went out on a stroll in my
neighborhood to seek some new palm trees to put my tires on.
Each one was within a 10 minute pedal from my house and they were all
located right off of A1A in the Cape / Cocoa beach area.
All of them were unique in their own way, but all were just as fun as
the next one.
My last one I got to ride before the night fell, was hanging over the
water. I was lucky enough to catch it right at sunset, making for some
cool silhouettes.
I gotta thank beautiful and sunny Florida for this amazing tropical
setting that I am living amongst.

Editors note: no trees were harmed in the making of this update.

- Mark M.

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Feb 01 2016

Rig Check: Anthony Napolitan’s Colony/Profile.

Anthony Napolitan brings you this dialed rig combo.
The proof is in the pudding, check out the specs, this thing is mint.
Thanks to Anthony for the support!

Colony tradition frame 21″
Colony dagger forks
Colony sweet tooth bars
Profile pusher stem
Profile column cranks 175mm
Profile elite hubs
Profile spline drive 28t
Ruben fly pedals
Colony contour rims
Maxxis grifter tires 2.3
Colony seat and post
ODI stay strong grips
Brakes (not pictured) coming soon
Colony brethren brake kit

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Jan 29 2016

Alexis Desolneux: Profile X Heresy Bike Check.

Alexis Desolneux handles both flat and street with a simple drop out spacer conversion on his protoype Heresy Forks.
Flat, flip the spacer, street.

Here’s a spread of his Universal set up.

Thanks to him for years of support.

19mm, 170mm race cranks with 19mm spline sprocket
Elite Front Hub with 3/8 TI bolts
Zcoaster: Titanium 3/8 with titanium 9t driver
Push Stem 48mm

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Jan 28 2016

Mulville: The New Year.

My month of January has been eventful, to say the least.
This first month of 2016 has mainly involved Bmx, some surf and a lot
of wildlife adventures.
I had the privilege to get a few Bmx demos in with Rob Nollie and the
Bmx Trickstars, doing some school shows, monster truck shows and other
events. Those are always a blast! Everyone is so pumped, which then
pumps us up. Plus, watching Rob ride on a regular basis is pretty

Many of my adventures this month (and most months) involved
alligators.. Growing up in Florida, I’ve always been interested in
those prehistoric creatures. Even though they can crush you instantly
to your death, they are typically very calm and lazy…… So, I
always like to see how close I can get to them. I had some good
encounters recently, hanging out about 2 feet from a few of those 7 or
8 foot bad boys.

One of the best parts of this past month was my visits to the woods.
The trails always bring a side to Bmx out that no other does, in my
head at least. It’s a place where nothing else matters, except what’s
going on right then in those woods. Friends, bikes, jumps, the
occasional brew and just solid laughs and good times.

All in all, I guess you can say 2016 is off to a superb start. Looking
forward to what’s next in this amazing year of the monkey.

Mark Mulville

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Jan 26 2016

Zachery Rogers: 5 pics over 5 days in Florida.

Such an unbelievable spot. @zacheryrogers with a European stunt on a Floridian tranny

@zacheryrogers tucked on a hybrid retaining wall/quarter shred care of @philthyfilms
@zacheryrogers and #johnnydevlin reviewing the clippers
Daytona dream spot. Wallie to Flattie. @zacheryrogers

One and done. 60/40. Final day. Final spot.

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Jan 19 2016

Jared Eberwein: First show of the year.

“I had a more then usually show to kick off the first show for myself of 2016, it was in sin city, Las Vegas, NV. The show was a corporate show for Optum, which I believe is a company that sells health care plans. Anyway, corporate shows don’t seem to happen too often anymore, but there usually not a simple setup, and/or riding conditions. This one however wasn’t too bad overall, it was inside on carpet, with a quarter box quarter setup. A continuous revolving cycle if you’d like, just like a spine mini ramp. 4 bike riders, 1 rollerblader, 1 skateboarder, and 1 guy on a pogo stick. I’ve heard about guys that do extreme pogoing, but never seen it in person. It’s nuts looking, and the pogo is far from your average pogo stick. They can set the PSI air pressure to pretty much any PSI they’d like. I tried it out, and my first go, I couldn’t even get the pogo stick to pump down. It was WAY more stiff then I had imagined. It was cool to try it out and see what can actually be done on those things. We did a 15 min jam, where we held back some of the bigger trick, like the crowd pleaser backflip. For a 5 min banger show 50 min later from when our jam was, kind of like a teaser in a sense before the good stuff. I almost forgot to add the Wheelz from nitro circus was there ring with us, in case you don’t know Wheelz. He’s from the nitro circus show, and he’s in a wheelchair. I can’t believe he would drop in the 10ft quarter pipe that we were all riding, it pretty much vert for a little bit at the top depending on how the quarter is set up. The show was fun, the crowd loved it, and we walked away knowing that everyone was satisfied. Then pursued to enjoy our free night in the sin of Las Vegas.”


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Jan 18 2016

Not sure where to begin?

December 16th, 2016 was the second stop of the FL-BMX series at the Skatepark of Tampa hosted by Profile Racing. If you want to get technical, it was actually the 10th anniversary of the infamous SPoT Roast.
Perfect weather, dialed turn out (102 entries), possibly the most wild moves to date for any FLBMX Stop?
To say I love our scene is an understatement. We got a good thing going here, and, in all honestly, it only seems to be getting better.

I’m not sure a narrative will properly describe the event. So here is selection #1 of 2 posting, consisting of photos I shot over the course of the weekend. Brett Rolfing will be following it up with one, possibly two edits covering the event.
Yea, it was THAT good.

Excuse the indoor photos, SPoT is an anomaly for the shutter and without flashes (or knowing what anyone was planning during their runs) made the actual contest lines difficult to shoot.

Enjoy. Thanks to our loyal sponsors.
And thank you for being a part of our incredible scene. Much more to come…

-Matt Coplon


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