Apr 27 2015

Profile ZCoaster Driver Tutorials.

Here is everything you need to know about the ZCoaster driver.
Have a look and get familiar.
Thanks for the support!

Section 1.
Removal of Spiral Retaining Ring Steps:
1. Remove Flat Spring Spacer or Cassette spacer from driver.
2. Snap off open end of retaining ring with small screw driver.
3. By hand, begin to unwrap retaining ring in a CLOCKWISE rotation until it is fully unwound from driver.

Section 2.
Installation of Spriral Retaining Ring with Two-Piece Tool Steps:
1. Be sure Flat Spring or Cassette Spacer is not in driver.
2. Place conical shaped tool piece (wide side down) inside the three Spiral Ring Retainer Prongs.
3. Place Spiral Retaining Ring onto cone.
4. Place opened end of second tool piece on top of the Spiral Retaining Ring and press down until it snaps into prongs.

Section 3.
Installation of Spiral Retaining Ring by Hand.
1. Slightly spread Spiral Retaining open with fingers.
2. Place opened end of ring into one the retaining prongs.
3. In a counter clockwise motion, carefully wind Retaining Ring around the prongs until the other end is securely in place.
*Part 3 can be tricky so take your time and be careful not to bend the ring. We suggest you use the tool for this.

Section 4.
Installation of Cassette Spacer.
1. Remove Flat Spring Spacer.
2. Remove Spiral Retaining Ring.
3. Remove Slack-Cam Ring (This will not be needed when using driver as a cassette).
4. Re-install Spiral Retaining Ring.
5. Install Cassette Spacer.
*Your hub will now function as an Elite Cassette Hub.

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Apr 23 2015

Profile ZCoaster: Small parts exploded diagram.

Here is an exploded diagram of all the small parts of the Profile ZCoaster.
This should help you get familiar with all the internals upon release.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: info@profileracing.com

A. Drive-Side Jam Nut
B. Driver Bearings
C. Z Pawls
D. Springs
E. Slack-Cam Ring
F. Snap Ring
G. Friction O-Ring
H. Flat Spring Spacer
I. Cassette Conversion Spacer
J. Driver Support Bearing
K. Hub Body Bearings
L. Non-Drive Cone
M. Non-Drive Jam Nut

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Apr 22 2015

What are the slack options on the Profile ZCoaster? Let us explain.

There are 4 total Slack-Cam ring options for the ZCoaster. Before you decide which one will work best for you, please check out each option
A. 25/33/45 degrees
B. 60 degrees
C. 75 degrees
D. 90 degrees

Please note that the ZCoaster Tutorial states Slack-Cam Ring A (20/33/45 degrees) is the standard and that is no longer the case. Slack-Cam Ring B (60 Degrees) is now the standard ring included if not specified when ordering.

Slack-Cam Ring Options:
A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kTHChOop_M

B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4qErZuaxa0

C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2BwgFv2lVo

D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfBVGVLUv4w

Profile ZCoaster Slack-Cam Ring Removal/Installation:

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Apr 17 2015

Degroot in Baghdad.

Here is a video from the middle east trip bikes over baghdad trip in the big sandbox. Just a sample of what went down…

April 2015 crew of BMX riders went to the middle east to undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia and Africa to entertain the troops for 15 days. Here is a small sample of what went on, how the troops reacted, how the crew entertained themselves, and bringing BMX to the Middle east in the big sandbox.

Follow the B.O.B. crew below:

Catfish @catfishvsthug Mykel Larrin @mykellarrin Anthony Napolitan @anthonynapo Drew Dezanson @drewbezanson Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot Chad Kagy @chadkagy Brian Kachinksy @bkachinsky Ron Kimler @livewireconstruction Nate Wessel @wesselbuilt TJ Lavin @tjlavin Morgan Wade @texasmwade Keith Mulligan @mulligan4130 Zach Schauf @zachschauf Christain Schauf @christianschauf @armedforcesent @dkbicycles @texaspetesauces @torquebmx @torque1_net @decobmx #decobmx #bikesoverbaghdad

Filmed by: Chad DeGroot, Catfish, Brian Kachinsky, Chad Kagy, Nate Wessel, Zach Schauf, Keith Mulligan, Anthony Napolitan, TJ Lavin

Special thanks to:
Dan the man
All the Troops
Punch Train
Digger DeGroot

Film by: @decobmx #decobmx www.decobmx.com by Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot

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Apr 17 2015

Eberwein: Handling the drought with care.

“It’s been a good march here in California, warm weather is on its way, but I should probably say hot weather is on its way. Our winters are never freezing and restricting like east coast weather. I’ve had some awesome beach days with my pregnant wife, right around the corner and that dad life will start for me. I’ve had a couple shows and traveled to some different skatepark. The one thing I’ve done most his month has been in this past week. I rode my harley sportster over to my friend Ben Wallace’s place because I bought new exhaust. We had planned to swap out exhaust and do a couple other mods, but one thing lead to another and before we knew the whole bike was apart. We had all kinds of ideas flowing and went after all of them. My sportster is still currently apart, but I just need one last piece of the puzzle to be completed, then off to the powder coated for the final thing, then time to assemble and ride on a whole newly revamped bike. I’m excited and grateful for Ben’s help on this journey.”

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Apr 16 2015

Bmx Plus: Mulville in print.

Our latest print advert, in the latest issue of Bmx Plus.
Mulville and Matt Coplon went out to the beach of Fort Desoto a couple weeks ago to snap this pick.
It was an old pier foundation, at an angle just bent enough to launch off.
And the barge in the distance was moving slow enough to capture perfect in frame.
We’re stoked on this…

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Apr 14 2015

Moseley + Hawaii + Bike factory: Edit recap.

Here is an edit that I put together from my trip to Hawaii: The Easter jam that bike factory Hawaii and profile racing put on. The edit includes riding from most of the locals and everyone at the Jam with clips from other skate parks throughout the island. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I Did!
-Ricky Moseley

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Apr 11 2015

Moseley: Hawaii Part One.

I’ve been over in Hawaii for the past week shredding the skateparks and the beaches. It’s so fun over there on Oahu, I can’t wait to go back and stay longer. Thanks to everyone who made it possible and big thanks to Duane at Bike Factory Hawaii for hooking up a vehicle and place to stay while I was there at my homie Cuylers house in the Waikiki/Honolulu area. Can’t wait for the next time to visit everyone, so here is the first group of photos. Look for more to come soon as I edit and post. Hit up instagram to see even more: @rickyshoots All these pics were shot by Cuyler. Thanks for all the hospitality everyone. Mahalos.

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