Profile’s BMX Freestyle team has been around over 10 years. Matt Coplon is the Team Manager and handles Sales at Profile. He had this to say about the team: When I was offered the job as the TM for the freestyle team back in 2002, I felt pretty honored as well as a bit overwhelmed. The team had already been loosely established by then. It was based around the idea of hooking up dialed riders that had showed interest in our product with a willingness to support what we were doing. The team was less of a “team” then, just a certain number of riders that we ritually hooked up with product.

I’ve always believed that a team needed to be a more close knit group of riders–a group of friends. So, over the past seven years, this is what we’ve slowly changed our “team” into.

What we look for in a rider is not simply how good they are on a bike. It has much more to do with their personality, their positivity towards riding, and their involvement in the local bmx community (and the whole BMX community overall). We feel that this is much more important to Profile’s personality than a rider that simply “kills it.”

I’m looking forward to many more team trips with these guys, it has been an honor–thanks to our team for everything they’ve done.

Profile produces products for all genres of BMX Freestyle. You’ll find products for Street, Park, Dirt and Flat. Just head over to our eStore and check out the components specifically manufactured for your style of riding.