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Apr 11 2014

Profile’s CRANK IT! Contest

Here at Profile, we get quite a few emails asking for advice on what cranks would work best for a rider’s application. It’s sometimes a difficult decision considering we make 5 different style cranks arms, in 10 different crank arm lengths, with 2 different size spindle options.

When recommending cranks, we usually ask the rider what style riding they do, their size and weight. Each of these factors can contribute to what might work best for them. To go further, we usually site what our rider’s current set-ups entail.

So, to visualize what each of our riders’ prefer, here’s a contest to match up:

1. The Rider’s Crank Photo (ex. A, B, C, etc.) with
2. the Crank Arm Style and Size (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Answers should look like (letter – number) M-12

Please send your entries to me, matt @ (no spaces).
The deadline is Friday, April 18th at 4PM (Eastern Time). Only one entry per person please.

All correct entries will be put into a pool, and the one randomly selected will win our newly released Saber Sprocket.

The Profile Sabre sprocket is designed to take a press piece that will adapt it to any 19mm (spline drive or bolt on) or 22mm (spline drive or bolt on) 48-splined spindle.

Thanks for the support and good luck. Now click on the crank collage to get started.


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Mar 31 2014

Profile Escape Park Tour: First

Clips captured while on the road between Tampa and Miami. This is one of two edits I’ve put together celebrating a five day road trip I hated to see come to an end. And, one of several edits to come for this year as we travel, capturing whatever random events/riding go down.
Thanks to all of our friends for meeting up and making each session dialed. Looking forward to more of this over the course of the year.
To gallons of coffee, late night drives, shitty gas station food, delirious conversations …to bmx and the friendships involved.

Thanks to Mark Mulville, Grant Castelluzzo, Josh James, Mike Sugdinis, Colin Jensen, Riley Jordan, Kai Bulevas, Mike Hinkens, David Gibson, and Chris Ward for letting me film them.

See you soon.

Check out pictures from the trip at #profileescapeparktour

-Matt Coplon

Profile Escape Park Tour: First. from TBR BMX on Vimeo

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Feb 19 2014

Profile Escape Park Tour: Day #1

After the 3rd stop in the FL-BMX series (Ft. Myers), Mulville, Grant C., and myself headed down to Miami to find out some conference had commenced. Basically, all motels in the Miami are (about 30 square miles) were booked. After sitting in a parking lot for half an hour making phone calls, we were lucky enough to snag a place on Miami Beach.

We went to bed super late, woke up super early to an 88 degree winter with high humidity, and soon after met Josh James who organized a full day’s street ride through the city.

Thanks to Josh and the awesome crew of dudes who met up and made the day quite incredible. Stay tuned for the remainder of the tour posting over the next week.


Here’s a little montage of what commenced.

Michael Otero: Bar out of the cereal bowl.

Eric Colon: Boost on quite possibly the best DIY spot.

Grant C.: Invert.

Our tour guide, Josh James, minding the gap.

Mulville: Volcano Roast.

Mulville: Lookback on a random mini ramp in a field.

Nick Carballo: Downside whip.

Nick Carballo: T-bog out of the cereal bowl.

Vinny Navy: Taking a different route to bar down.

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Dec 10 2013

Video Montage Tuesday

Thanks to The Union for posting up this piece on Profile’s “Build your own hub campaign.” Check it.

Congrats to Grant Castelluzzo. Mutiny Pro for 2013. Check this out and get stoked.

Michael Husser. Newest Heresy edit. We’re proud to help these guys out…

HERESY – AWAY from Michaël Husser on Vimeo.

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Dec 09 2013

Q: Can you ride pegs on a Profile Mini Front hub? A: YES!

The Profile Mini Hubs were originally released in 2001.

Built originally for race application, the mini hubs were soon modified to accept a 14mm axle in the rear.

However, the front, with an aluminum 3/8 inner axle, has not changed much since its inception.
By 2002, the Mini Hubs became our primary freestyle ramp/street hub which can be used with pegs.
By 2008, we released the Profile Totem and Madera Pilot front hubs. All of which take the same exact Mini aluminum axle with 3/8 chromo bolts. These two additional front hubs can be ridden with pegs as well.

Last Wednesday at the skatepark I was answering some questions from the locals. Within the questions, most of them were based around the ability to ride pegs on a front Profile Mini Hub. At that point, I realized that it might not be common knowledge.

To better show the varieties of peg use, here is a photo selection of our riders’ front wheels.
If you can identify each riders wheel, you will be entered to win a selection of the three newest Profile logo shirts.

Write in the rider’s names next to the photo number associated with the front wheel and submit your answers to MAKE SURE THE WORD “CONTEST” IS IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE.

We will choose a winner by Friday 12/13.

Thanks for the support.

These are the riders’ featured front wheel photos in random order:
Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Mark Mulville, Chad DeGroot, Rob Diquattro, Dillon Leeper, Mike Meister, Matt Coplon and Ricky Moseley.

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Oct 30 2013

Grant C News

“Hey everyone, I have been very busy this last month or so trying to make the most of the fickle midwest weather. Days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder but I am trying my best to stay in the streets. I have been traveling locally in an attempt to finish up a new project for Mutiny that should be out some time in the winter so keep your eyes peeled for that. The other day I got an awesome painting sent to me via facebook. It blows my mind that someone would take the time to paint a picture of me just doing what I love, riding bikes. A special thanks goes to Alexander Gray for painting this picture of me doing a smith to table for an art project he had. The photo was originally in an issue of Ride UK and he did a great job on it.”

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Sep 18 2013

Grant Castelluzzo’s New Profile Edit

Grant traveled from the Midwest to the south and all the way to Berlin, Germany in search of spots that fit his technical riding style for his 2013 Profile BMX edit. Enjoy.

Filmed by: Mike Hinkens, Jeff Klugiewicz, Rob Diquattro and Dan Kruk

Edited by: Grant Castelluzzo

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Aug 14 2013

Madera and Profile guys in Berlin

As Jeff, Mike, and Grant finish up their month in Berlin, some random footage of them is popping up. Here is some footage of a Mankind street jam that went down this month. Tons of kids showed up and tons of awesome spots were ridden. Here is a tiny sample:

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