May 19, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #20: Freewheelin’…what makes Profile’s Elite Freewheel one of the best.

Made to upgrade complete, out of the box, race bikes or that old school/mid school rig you’re resurrecting from the garage…Profile’s Elite Freewheel is your best bet to offer a more affordable alternative to having the, almost signature, sound of  a Profile Elite Cassette Hub.

And it comes with advantages: sealed, completely re-build-able/serviceable, and is offered in a selection of sizes from 16t t0 22t.

From here, we’ll let Gary at our Australian Distro (ECI Imports), in collaboration with Bmx Ultra, go over all the basics:

“Profile Racing’s Elite Freewheel is the leading freewheel on the market. Light weight, fully serviceable and providing more engagement than any other freewheel available.”

Special thanks to Gary, ECI and Bmx Ultra.

May 19, 2017


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