August 8, 2018

Profile’s Elite BMX Disk Hub: All you need to know.

We’ve been getting quite a few inquiries on our Elite Bmx Disk Brake Rear Hub. It’s been catching on within the bmx trails scene: There’s really no better way to have absolutely dialed-in brakes when cruising full speed through the woods. And if you’re into fufanus and abubacas, it’s a bonus. Nothing better than to NOT worry about your brakes slipping.

To accommodate the Profile Elite Rear Disk Hub, you’ll need a modified frame ready to adapt to it.

For freestyle/trails, FBM, S and M, and Pedal Driven Cycles do custom builds.

If interested, click here:


S and M:

Pedal Driven Bikes: www.pedaldrivenbikes/contact-3/

Standard Byke Co:

For UK inquiries:

If you’re interested in setting up a Race Frame with our disk hub, there are two companies that currently stock frame that are compatible:

For full specs/options on our Elite Disk Brake Bmx Hub, check below. Contact your local bike shop to snag one if interested.


Choices for following:
-Hub Color
-Axle Bolts:  Choose any Chromo bolt option at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
-Cassette Driver


  • 6 pawl driver for 204 points of engagement means instant forward motion at the first application of pedal pressure.
  • ISO Disc Brake
  • Color matched anodized Volcano cones and aluminum cone spacers with hardened CrMo knurls to bite into dropouts.
  • Aluminum threaded axle only.
  • Bolt choices for 3/8″ threaded aluminum axle:
    -Standard 3/8 socket head bolts(8mm hex)- come with anodized Volcano cones
    -17mm Hex Head outer w/8mm internal hex
    -Button Head w/8mm internal hex
  • CrMo or Ti one-piece drivers.
  • Aluminum or Titanium splined drivers for Profile Cogs.
  • Standard CrMo Cogs, or upgrade to Aluminum or Elite CrMo Cogs.
  • 36h RHD only
  • Standard BMX 110mm hub width
  • Disc rotor not included

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Polished, Gold , Green, Purple, Aqua, Matte Black



August 8, 2018