October 5, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #37: Classic 19mm vs. 22mm Column Cranks

Depending on what style of riding you’re doing, the debate can get heated as to which Profile Crank set will work better for you on the freestyle end of things.

Below, I will list some facts and offer what I’ve seen work over time and what works for which of our riders depending on their style.

-Matt Coplon (TM and Sales)

Classic 19mm Race Cranks
The tried and true Profile Crank. Works best if you’re light on your feet and not too awfully hard on cranks, although the shorter you go, the more rigid the cranks become. I personally ride 160mm with a titanium spindle. I weigh 160lbs, ride mostly street and park, and my rig usually does not come out from under my feet.
Other Profile team members (for style reference) that ride classic 19mm race cranks: Grant Castelluzzo, Jeff Klugiewicz, Jake Seeley, Chad Degroot, Mike Saavedra, and Terry Adams.
Profile classic 19mm cranks are warrantied for life to the original purchaser.
*Titanium spindles are not warrantied.

No Boss Black Crank Set copy

Column 22mm Cranks
Profile Column Cranks have been gaining in popularity. The larger, heat treated crank arms provide a much more rigid crank. And the extremely hollow, 22mm GDH spindle is our best defense against twisting over time: the larger diameter allows us to take more meat out of the center, creating a lighter, much more rigid design.
Profile team members (for style reference) that ride 22mm Column cranks: Mark Mulville, Dillon Leeper, Rob DiQuattro, Zach Rogers, Eric Holladay, Shane Leeper, Anthony Napolitan, Riley Jordan, and Brian Fox.
Profile 22mm Column cranks are warrantied for life to the original purchaser.
*Titanium spindles are not warrantied.

Overall, the two main factors in crank selection are rigidity/strength and weight.
We hope the info above can help you choose.

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October 5, 2017


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