February 2, 2018

Profile’s Tech Tip #44: What is in a Profile ZCoaster®

Here is a photo with exploded images of the complete internals of a Profile ZCoaster® hub. ( Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 9,599,172 )

As with all Profile Racing product, you can buy replacement parts for everything we make.

We also advise getting hub rebuilds done through your local bike shop as they have the proper press tools and technique.

IMG_3395 copy

The ZCoaster’s complete list of parts are below with directive arrows showing in which direction the parts should be mounted.

A. 14mm Nut

B. 14mm Washer

C. Drive Side Jam Nut

D. 6802 Driver Bearing

E. Proprietary ZCoaster Driver

F. Friction O-Ring

G. Springs

H. Z-Pawls

Zcoaster Exploded #1

I. Non-Drive Side Jam Nut

J. Non-Drive 14mm Cone

K. 6903 Hub Body Bearing

L. Flat Spring Spacer

M. Spiral Retaining Ring

N. Slack Ring

O. 14mm Axle (For a 3/8 axle, you would use 2 x Non-drive Jam Nuts)

P. Hub Shell with Ratchet Ring

Q. Driver Support Bearing

Zcoaster Exploded #2

February 2, 2018