August 24, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #33: Profile Ratchet Rings.

We’ve been getting questions lately regarding the ratchet rings inside our cassette hubs. The most common misconception is that the ring is part of the hub shell. In fact, it’s actually a separate piece that we hand thread in with a special ratchet ring tool when building the hub.

The standard 24 tooth ratchet ring goes into our Profile Mini and Totem hubs, as well as the Madera V-2 Hub.

The ZCoaster 48 tooth ratchet ring is proprietary to our Bmx and MTB ZCoaster hubs

The Elite 68 tooth ratchet ring is proprietary to our Elite Bmx and MTB line of hubs.

Note: Our ratchet rings and our hub shells are NOT SOLD separately. In the event that the ratchet ring becomes chipped or damaged and needs to be replaced (considering it is extremely difficult to remove), we offer an inexpensive service here at our factory. Please contact [email protected]


Ratchet Ring for a Mini Hub with our installation tooling.


Ratchet Ring for an Elite hub with our installation tooling.

August 24, 2017


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