October 19, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #39: How to use a Profile Crank Tool.

Another FAQ, but better to describe with photos.
In this process, we’re using it to install a 19mm spline drive gear onto Profile 19mm No Boss Cranks.
We hope this helps?
To install your cranks and spline drive gear or spider, first start with your bottom bracket tube spacer and (2) 1/8 19mm crank spacers.
Line up the splines on the gear to the splines on the spindle and insert the spindle into the splined gear by hand.
The spindle may go thru the gear without much force and that’s ok.
If the spindle does not press through by hand, then you will need the crank tool to help pull the spindle through the gear.
Take the crank tool and remove the slider (The sleeve on the crank tool) and put the two 1/8’’ washers and slider back onto the tool, then tighten the tool down and it will start to pull the spindle through the gear.
Then back out the tool and remove the slider and washers and put on a tube spacer from a bottom bracket: this will help pull the spindle all the way through the gear.
When your are ready to install the arms onto the spindle, line up the arms and press the arms on as much as you can.
Then use the tool to press the arms on the rest of the way.

October 19, 2017


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